cult/empire frogskins

  1. U

    Cult/Empire Frogskins B-1B Grips

    I am selling my Cult/Empire Frogskins and B-1B grips they have black iridium atm but I can swap them back to gray. For the Frogskins and grips as a complete set I'm looking for £500 shippped. I can remove the grips from the offer if you wish, I value them at about £50. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE
  2. eltb99

    GeT TA KnOW!!! CULTS!

    After over 5 weeks of worrying, waiting and telling myself (quote Bob Marley) 'every little thing's gonna be alright' the Cult/empire collab finally arrived. Thanks JiveSEVEN for making this one happen
  3. jiveSEVEN

    Cult/Empire X Oakley Frogskins

    Cult/Empire Collabo Oakley Frogskins. Also comes with limited edition B-1B grips. Only 50 pairs exist. Given to select riders and contest winners. Very few sold to the public. Holy Grail status!