custom cut lenses

  1. Moose5Deuce

    Magnesium M-Frame

    Trying my luck again: Has anyone successfully found a donor or someone that can cut lenses for a Mag M-Frame? I've been hunting for a polarized lens for these for at least a decade, preferably either Strike or Heater. Any info/leads would be greatly appreciated!
  2. AbraxasFire

    Juliets back from the ashes

    I've had them for some time as a two-toned finish, gun metal black nose bridge and stems, exposed metal orbitals, and I really wasn't happy with it. And I did try to enjoy them. Those lenses rattled tho. But I felt it was time for them to rise again from the ashes. From the hands of two...
  3. karimo

    Custom cut from Eye Jacket

    Hello O friends. I found an amazing treasure, 180 pairs of OEM EyeJacket Gold iridium and VR28 lenses. So I ask, what can I cut from them? Is the curvature good for any other frame? For custom cut. I'm a big fan of the classic EJ, but 180 pairs is more than I can use in 3 lifetimes.
  4. Iainmcm

    Reading glasses lenses for T Wires

    Hi there, l have just bought a great pair of mint T Wires on eBay and was thinking of using the frames but with reading glasses lenses. Does anyone know of an optician who can customize reading glasses lenses to fit T Wires, E Wires or even Juliets? I’m based in Singapore so global shipping is...
  5. Chris A Hardaway

    Sneak Peek into the Chop 'Em Shop...

    Chris A Hardaway Style... Representing the West Coast Cali. Video #1 for your viewing pleasure ;) Video #2 below! Video #3 (PENNY FANS? The glasses, not Penny Hardaway.) Photo #1 messing around with a stack.