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  1. K

    Perfect donor lense for custom cut R2 and XX

    Ciao guys, I need help to find out which lense is the perfect to donor for my XX and R2. Is there any lense which have close or the same curve like the original one?
  2. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3d Printed Lens Boxes

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed storage boxes (printed to order). They are great for storing lenses and should be large enough to accommodate all lens sizes and the foam pouch most of us have our lenses in. The inside storage area is 2.25"x3.5"x.75" (85x55x19mm). I have between 35-40...
  3. Yo Flawch!

    Here is a poll/survey to express your opinions about custom cut lenses with partial etching.

    I have definite opinions about custom-cut Oakley lenses with partial etching, but I want to see how other enthusiasts feel about this topic. This is a survey, but in a poll-style format. If you're not interested in the topic, there are EASY OUTS... either click out of this thread, or make ONLY...
  4. XM-I

    Thoughts on lenses that pair well with a first gen XX tio2?

    As seen today in the WOAYWT thread I have chrome iridium mounted currently, I also have fruby iridium that have minor peeling/abrasion (and I ought to get around to sending my XX to @zwc0442 for a tune up, and to clean up any discoloration) but not visibility while mounted, and the original...
  5. Skull McBone

    This is why you should not use Revant replacement lenses for your Juliets

    Well, if you are looking to replace your Juliet's lenses, Revant is not a good option, I can't talk too much about the quality but they don't fit properly on any of my Juliets, not good at all, take a look to the video, go with OEM custom cut instead, I wanted to give it a try to Revant lenses...
  6. U

    For Sale  Big Taco Lenses Ice Polar

    SOLD!!! $105 USD shipped. I have 2 sets... if someone wants both, $200 USD total. New in box - only taken out for pictures. Tough to find and desirable as they can be custom cut for X Metal.
  7. Xformr

    Infinite Hero Crankshaft Suggestions

    Sup, O-fam! So, I snagged these Infinite Hero Crankshafts for 20 bucks. The lenses are in decent shape, but have just enough marks on the lens to make me want to upgrade. Gonna miss the IH etching, but it must be done. What lenses should I go with? (Polarized is a must, hence not just picking...
  8. U

    Sold  Plasma juliets

    great pair of plasma juliets 2nd gen that were recently tuned by the xman and that custom cut lenses from chris hardaway- I just bought a new jeep and need accessories so raising funds. $220 conus as is or will include new fire lenses with set for $260. Conus please and not interested in trades...
  9. SolarOracle

    R1 Deep Ruby Custom cut Lenses

    Beautiful Mount Deep Ruby Romeo 1.0 Lenses. These are custom cut Romeo R1 lens.
  10. L5072

    Can't say enough how impressed I am

    Just sent in my daily wearer juliets to @scienergy for a tune up and refinish. I am beyond ecstatic about the job he did. They look brand new and the xmetal refinish is dark and beautiful. Going to send him another pair next week. And also his custom cut lenses are perfect too! Not one to post...
  11. U

    For Sale  or Trade XM XX Violet Iridium Custom Cut

    Up for sale or trade are these beautiful Violet Iridium lenses for X-metal XX. Mounted once and hardly worn. Hand cut by a local from Straightlink donors. No fitment issues in my first gen XX frame, however one lens does fit tighter than the other. Lenses have slight marks from being mounted...
  12. U

    Sold  Custom cut XX ruby lenses- $70 shipped

    up for sale is a set of custom cut turbine rubies for xx. These were cut by Chris Hardaway and are beautiful. Mounted but never worn. $70 inc shipping CONUS
  13. U

    Sold  Juliet PRIZM Road Lenses

    Up for sale is a beautiful set of custom cut Juliet PRIZM Road lenses. Awesome condition! Some very superficial cleaning marks that in no way affect vision (only visible under harsh lighting). Cut/fit is perfect, 8.75 base curve. I'm looking for $OLD all-in.
  14. Foldupcup

    Custom Cut Mars Lenses

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what kind of lenses you could get to have cut to fit the Mars. I currently have the carbon with black iridium, but I was wanting maybe a custom cut sapphire lens made for them. What lenses share a base curve with the Mars? Please and thanks in advance!
  15. LuckyPunk

    My Second X-Metal is finally wearable

    Picked up My first Romeo V1 Serial 37674. But left in the box (No place to display yet) due to the fear of further cracking the lenses. @Chris A Hardaway hooked me up with some Violet Iridium replacements. And my romeos can finaly be put to good use!
  16. U

    Sold  New custom cut Juliet lenses - Gold Iridium

    Both sets of lenses are in like new condition. No scratches, nicks, blemishes, dings, or anything that might affect line of vision. They have been mounted in 3 different Juliet frames and perfect fit in all of them. Gold Iridium custom cut by @zwc0442 I believe from Flak 2.0 XL, but not 100%...
  17. U

    For Sale  Juliet Ice Iridium Custom Cut Lens

    For sale... brand new custom cut Ice iridium fit for oakley Juliet. OEM oakley donor lens from oakley flak XLJ. Include oakley box, oakley lens bag. price USD$80 free shipping from indonesia with registered mail
  18. U

    Sold  XX Custom Cut Fire Iridium (price drop)

    First $70 USA takes them. Custom cut. Brand new, only mounted to size. Set of Fire Iridium XX lenses. New with box. Does come in original packaging from Oakley. These are a perfect 10/10 in every way! Lenses were cut from Pit Bull lenses 8.75 base curve, proper fit. Free USA shipping, cost to...
  19. U

    For Sale  Big Taco Donors

    UPDATE - MORE STOCK AVAILABLE!!!! Anyone need some donors??? I have multiple sets of each color. These are going to start getting really hard to find especially in the cool colors and I'm blasting them under retail price. Shipping is $7 to US or Canada without tracking, $12 with tracking...
  20. B

    Penny donor lens

    Which Oakley lenses cut for the Penny? Who could I send the donor lens to? Thank you.
  21. U

    For Sale  Custom Cut Polarized Ruby Juliet Lenses w/ purple tint

    Custom Cut Juliet lenses. Sourced from a Base 6 Carbon Blade lens. Model: Ferrari Ruby Iridium Polaried InfiniteHero Cut Hue/Tint: Purple is the dominant color and is an excellent representation of a first generation Ruby Juliet Lens. Please see photos for the wide array of colors offered at...
  22. DG85

    Good month to pick up X Metal

    Made some moves this month, quite happy with the end results! Picked up an XMetal finish Juliet, flex couplers are blown, lenses need replaced but otherwise mint condition everywhere else, $220. I'm tempted to copper plate this frame, but may do just a tune as the frame is mint and source a...
  23. Ray Tuley Jr

    Who can cut me some lenses?

    Need lenses cut for Why 8.2's they are a 58mm lens but I don't know the curvature or a match to Cut and drill them since they are a wireless frame and seem to be thicker than the lenses in my half jackets, and in my fuel cells, no longer available through oakley, any input welcome, thanks in...
  24. U

    Deal  Custom Cut violet iridium

    Just posting a deal thread between @InfiniteHero and myself. He cut me a set of violet iridium polar lenses for a juliet. Turned up today and they look great.