1. Fernando

    Sold Jawbone CUSTOM blue red and white frame w/ blue iridium polarized / H.I. Yellow / Clear Black Photochromatic

    Hello OF for sale this custom jawbone in used condition, the blue lenses have many signs of wear I rated on 04/10, the frame, the photocromantic and the yellow lenses is in very mint condition 9,8/10 with out any scratchers, the white earshoks they are a bit discolored but not broken and in good...
  2. B

    My Works - Custom XX, OTT and More

    good afternoon everyone, some time ago I entered the forum and asked for some tips to start working with customizations, but nobody helped me and in the meantime until today I have been learning and digging by myself, and I would like to share some of my work with you
  3. Gunn

    For Sale OVER THE TOP | Flat Black w/ Fire Iridium custom ott

    Selling an OTT on behalf of a friend. Little story behind this one. It was a FMJ / Fire OTT with a tiny surface crack in the frame. The crack didn't go through, just surface stress crack in the paint. Anyway. It was repaired professionally (see picture) - plasticwelded with anonther thin layer...
  4. BoostBear

    Sold Custom Green Split Jacket

    Another custom Split Jackets done by yours truly in a shade of green & warm grey, with a pretty clean set of Fire ird vented lenses. There's some minor flaws, though wouldn't need any additional tlc in order to be daily worn as-is, they'll come with microfiber baggy & head strap. There's a photo...
  5. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    rare custom BOB HEAD Skull. (Airbrush and Custom Paint)

    Details: Materials: resin and fiberglass. automotive paint Wanda and Sikkens weight (peso): 419 g. Length (longitud): 47 cm. Width (ancho): 19.8 cm. Height (altura): 14.5 cm
  6. santmyre

    2 pairs OCP Radar EV Retina Flipped!

    I’ve had both pairs for around 2 months. Been on the look out for Retina Burn socks for the black pair. Scored some and completed the color flip. The black pair originally had black socks. Both are OCP’s.
  7. BoostBear

    Sold Racing Jacket - Green over Green custom

    What began as a boring white racing jackets is now a slick dark green/evergreen fade, over a pale green to teal green fade... so yeah if greens are your thing, these have got a whole lot of that going on. Temples + Uppers - Prior to customization these were spotless white with no scratches or...
  8. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Airbrush and Custom Paint - Oakley Bob Head Display

    Details: Materials: resin and fiberglass weight (peso): 419 g. Length (longitud): 47 cm. Width (ancho): 19.8 cm. Height (altura): 14.5 cm
  9. BoostBear

    Sold Blue Green Racing Jacket - Seattle Seahawks

    Custom Navy Blue / Bright Green Racing Jacket Space is getting tight and something needs to go, so these jackets have been elected. Inadvertently come to realize these are very much in sync with the seattle seahawk team color . Regardless if your a fan of that team or completely out of the...
  10. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Addiction Logo - Super Rare Bob Head

    Oakley Addiction Logo - Super Rare Bob Head Details: Materials: resin and fiberglass automotive paint: Wanda and Sikkens weight (peso): 452 g. Length (longitud): 47 cm. Width (ancho): 19.8 cm. Height (altura): 14.5 cm
  11. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head

    Oakley Juliet X-Metal Logo - Rare Bob Head
  12. BoostBear

    Sold Racing Jacket - Custom - VR28 Blue / Grey

    Racing Jacket in a custom blend of Orange, Purple, Maroon, Grey an a hint of Green. The frames are quite clean with no obvious blemish marks. Black Jaws are nearly spotless with no heavy signs of wear same goes for the black Bolts. Icons are relatively clean but the left one does have a small...
  13. Bonz-1

    Deal Bonz Customs Romeo 2

    Here is my second R-2 custom . This started life as a carbon frame. But I always wanted an X-metal frame but couldn't afford a 400+ frame lol This is all refinished with very nice rubber and new screws where it needed new at !! Has brand new revant fire red polarized lenses . This thing is...
  14. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_11.jpg


    Oakley Custom Display Head
  15. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Head Display

    Oakley logo
  16. SiRacer420

    OF Custom of the Month November 2019 Congrats Oakley Sydney!!!

    November 2019 Custom of the Month time! Congrats to last month’s winner @YakuzaFloralGangsta ! https://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/of-custom-of-the-month-october-2019-congrats-yfg.106638/ Please familiarize yourself with the rules here: Oakley Forum Custom of the Month Contest (Rules...
  17. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley Shadow Bob Head Display

    Oakley Shadow Bob Head Display - custom (2015)
  18. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_9.jpg


    Bob Head Display
  19. BoostBear

    Sold Jawbone Metallic Team Blue w/ +Red

    I ended up with two Team Blue Metallic frames so I'm looking to rehome one of them. Aside from some small flaws noted below, they need nothing and are ready to be enjoyed as-is. Will consider cash or trade offers if someone were interest in just the frames, or upper/temple team blue pieces, just...
  20. Fernando

    Sold New Juliet Dark Ti02 w/ Ruby iridium lenses “CUSTOM”

    Hello OFamily for sale other spectacular and new custom Juliet Dark tio2 with ruby iridium lenses by Z :) love his art, all is perfect and don’t have any used or defect, came with the new 101-537-001 riveted microbag for $ allin and if you want for $ more with the xmetal black case too in used...
  21. SiRacer420

    OF Custom of the Month October 2019 Congrats YFG!!!

    October 2019 Custom of the Month time! Blame @Brdmn70 for it being late, he didn't remind me sooner. Congrats to last month’s winner @THEGROUNDPOUNDER99 ! https://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/of-custom-of-the-month-september-2019-congrats-thegroundpounder99.105665/ Please familiarize yourself...
  22. BoostBear

    Sold Racing Jacket / Jawbone - Black Persimmon Iridium Transitions Lens

    Black Persimmon Iridium Vented Transitions Lenses There's no flaws that I can see to them, tried capturing photos of them in various states of transition. Outside photos in frames are in a mostly activated state - weather conditions were overcast. Field Of View they're a dark-persimmon; if...
  23. hockeyguy

    Sold Custom M2

    Custom M2, Matte Black frame, Fog runner, white icon, and aqua earsocks. Prizm Golf XL lens. Looks really good with a sapphire lens which I used to have in them until I scratched the hell out of it. Asking $60>$50>$40plus shipping.
  24. BoostBear

    Sold M Frame Red Snow Camo Custom

    FMJ Red Snow Camouflaged Custom Red FMJ finish was worn out in spots, went to town with some paint pens to cover up the spots and got a bit carried away, ending up with a red snow camo theme. From 3 feet away they look pretty cool, up close it's not the cleanest job but looks better than the...
  25. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    custom spike Display

    custom spike Display
  26. oakman1992

    Custom Watches

    As a sit here tonight bored and trying to find cool custom done watches I figured it’d be fun to have them all in one spot to look at. If anyone has a custom they’ve had done or done themselves feel free to post them here. I’ll start with my Custom anodized purple and gold gearbox done by @zwc0442.
  27. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Head Display

    Custom Head Display
  28. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Bob Head Display - airbrush

    Bob Head Display
  29. SiRacer420

    OF Custom of the Month July 2019 - Congrats YFG!!!

    ITS BACK! Please familiarize yourself with the rules here: Oakley Forum Custom of the Month Contest (Rules, Suggestions, and Discussion) Post your pictures or just claim a spot. Remember that non premium members can only edit their posts for a limited time so don't get stuck on page two...