1. Bluefish787

    Oakley Dalmation Frogskins Value

    Hi all, New to the board, but long time fan. I've got a pair of Dalmatian that I'm thinking of selling, and I know there is no set price. Mine are in top condition no wear. Original box, bag and paperwork. On the inside the number is : 03-151 55 O 17 I know there were 3000 made. Just trying...
  2. U

    Found  Used pair of Dalmatian Frogskins

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of used / inexpensive Dalmatian Frogskins, a decent frame would work. I will be most likely changing out the lenses. I have looked on eBay, there is only one inexpensive pair and if you trace the history it is suspicious. My other daughter wants one too lol. Thanks!