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    Sold  Minute 2.0 Dark Amber / Dark Bronze

    Hello OF for sale this like new minute 2.0 dark amber frame with dark bronze lenses, comes with the micro bag. frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/19 Price: $105 the glasses + $25 for the fees and shipping. $130 allin in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance ). Thanks.
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    Sold  BNOB minute 2.0 dark amber w/ dark bronze

    Hello OF for sale this perfect minute 2.0 dark amber frame with dark bronze lenses is new with the sticks and don’t have defect, all is perfect, don’t have the box only came with mf-bag. SKU: 04-516 Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Price 130 allin OBO Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping...
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    For Sale  OEM Juliet lenses

    Recently picked these up in a bundle deal. Apparently they'd just been sitting underneath a cabinet in an eye office. Fire Polarized - new in the box; only issue I see seems to be a minor imperfection dot in the left lens. $110 shipped. Dark Bronze - new in the box; don't appear to be any...
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    Sold  X-Squared Carbon / Dark Bronze- all new

    For sale is an X-Squared Carbon warranty (no sku) frame. The lens is Dark Bronze (12% light trans and increased contrast), and a perfect fit. Everything is Oakley, new and never worn. Includes a MF bag, and box for the lens kit, which does contain instructions for a lens change. Price is...
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    Sold  Pristine Monster Dog