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    Sold  Madman Dark Carbon/Ruby

    Never worn, one of the few pairs of these I purchased and didn’t wear any of them. Asking $130 plus shipping.
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    For Sale  Why 8 dark carbon w/ black Iridium

    Hi all for sale this time a other old school frame why8 dark carbon with black Iridium polarized, the frame and rubbers are perfect but the lenses is dead need change I put inside the deal but important need change, came with mf-bag only, perfect for rx or to put new lenses. Frame...
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    For Sale  Badman [Dark Carbon / Ruby Iridium Polarized]

    Hello friendlies! Up for sale is my daily wear X-METAL Badman! Lenses: 7/10 (some markings from normal usage, nothing that affects vision though) Frame: 9/10 (very good condition, wasn't using for sports or anything) Price: 100.00 Includes: -brand new microbag -OAKLEY authentic hard case...
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    Sold  Badman and Madman

    Selling two Badmans and Madmans. All were bought BNIB except for the carbon ruby madman. The carbon ruby madman has some light marks on both arms by the icons and has a pin sized mark on the left lens close to the nose bomb. The other three pairs have no visible scratches or marks. All pairs...
  5. joscejrod

    Oakley Badman Reviews

    Hello, maybe i buy a pair of badman and i'd like knowing your opinions (i have read that fit is not too much good). I like dark carbon frame, with prizm or BIP (something subdued). Thanks!