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    For Sale Pro Racing Jacket FMJ Dark Chrome with 2 sets of lenses..

    Hi guys, For sale a pair of Dark Chrome Pro Racing Jacket with G30 Persimmon vented lenses SKU#04-642 Everything is 9+/10 - only issue I've been able to find is a few small cleaning marks on the left G30 lens. Comes with an extra set of non-vented lenses that I believe to be BI - also 9/10. 2...
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    Sold Racing jacket Pro series dkChrm VtdG30 perms lens SKU: 04-642 #SOLD

    Hello all this time I came with racing jacket pro, the Store boy wen remove the lenses, hurt a little the chrome and is a bit peling at the top of the orbit is down and hardly see, look the pics, the glasses are new, and come complete with papers and bag, the box have a little damaged but in...