1. Altitudejk

    Dart replacement lenses?

    Looking to replace the lenses on my Dart's, but trying to see which ones actually fit. I just got some lenses from Amazon, but I can't get them to stay in. They were the ToughAsNails polaraized replacement lenses. I saw another one from Galvanic that looks like from the reviews that they fit...
  2. U

    For Sale $20 OEM gray / grey Breathless lenses - brand new

    Genuine gray / grey tint Oakley lenses, for a lady. Brand new. 95%sure these are for the Oakley Dart. Oakley Breathless lenses (if they don't fit I would accept a return if undamaged) Brand new but threw out the box — arg. @herbieninja @Blondie @Titan X @zcrxsi please weigh in. $40 $30 $20...
  3. Blondie

    Blondie's Collection

    Ok, I'm finally ready to unveil my "elaborate" collection!! I know, I know.... everyone's been waiting on the edge of their seats Please feel free to make suggestions on new styles, or share any O wisdom you think I should be privy to. Caveats - + Red Sanctuarys - Jade Feedbacks - 24K Darts -...