1. R

    Oakley crush scatterskull

    What is a fair price too buy a crush scatterskull watch? Ive seen this watch go for 200-600$ ive been offered a deal for mint condition and all accessories (box,manual,case) for 600$ is that worth the money or should i try too find another seller? Picture provided
  2. Jjcanada

    Holbrook Canada

    How much would be a great deal for a Holbrook prisma lenses in Canada? I am not in a rush, I want to get the best deal. Cheers,
  3. Rico182

    MotoGP Holston

    Hi Everyone, Found a Ebay seller offering the MotoGP Holston for $99.99 with FS. These seem to be hard to come by and the seller seems pretty reputable. I ordered one last night, hopefully will get it by next week. Enjoy :cool...
  4. Seek Optics

    Black Friday Sale - Seek Optics Compatible Replacement Lenses & Parts

    Hi Everyone! We couldn't wait! Here is our Black Friday Sale! No messy coupon codes, just add to your cart and you are good to go! Take advantage before time runs out! Offer valid while supplies last! 40% Off Everything!
  5. U

    Deal  Deal thread between @devillers22 and @solarOracle

    Local deal for Feedback purposes only
  6. Rico182

    Oakley Siphon - $74.99

    Stumbled upon JomaShop having Oakley Siphon in Matte Black w/ Prizm Gray lenses. Picked up a pair, there was tax ordering from NY, and use "FREESHIP" to get free shipping. Enjoy :cool-33: Oakley Siphon Prizm Grey Rectangular Men's Sunglasses OO9429 942901 64
  7. U

    For Sale  Thump Large Vault, Madman Box and Vault, and more!

    Hey guys, So the wedding is happening in two weeks! Most of the planning is done now, I am out of the office until then too, so I've had more time to get things organized for sale. Make sure to check out the thread I have for sunglasses too! For Sale - Jupiter Factory Lite, FMJ Twenty...
  8. U

    For Sale  Oakley Single Wide X-Metal Display case

    Hey, everyone! I am selling a beautiful Oakley Single wide display case! IT IS NOT THE ONE PICTURED. I am away right now and just need to get an ad up for the time being! It does, however, look exactly like this case except for it has 2 locking drawers instead of the drawer and it does not have...
  9. W

    Black Friday Deal!

  10. QLR1

    2016 Black Friday deals

    Get your bargains... Oakley Black Friday Delas Collection For Men | Oakley Store Some boring stuff, but the M2 Frame XL is a steal at $40 Oakley M2 Frame XL in ATOMIC ORANGE / GRAY | Oakley Sliver F starting st $65 Oakley Sliver Foldable Polarized in MATTE GRAY INK / VIOLET IRIDIUM...
  11. QLR1

    Some Shnoop deals...

    Perhaps this can be a dedicated thread to deals, like the one on 6pm. Got an email a few moments ago... $85 Triggerman Oakley Triggerman OO9266-10 Mens Black Ink Crystal Frame Ruby Iridium Lens Sunglasses $65 M2 Frame w/ G30 Iridium lens Oakley Men's M2 Frame OO9254-02 Polished...
  12. U

    Sold  FLASH SALE - Thru Bolts

    I picked up a bunch of Bolts from a buddy along with some other stuff. Obviously a lot cheaper than my eBay prices. Price is for a pair. Color - Qty - $Price Retina Burn - 2 - $5 Matte White - 1 - $7 Anodized Purple - 1 - $6 Anodized Green - 1 - $7 Chocolate - 6 - $3 ***Shipping is $11.50 in...
  13. rml0015

    Fuel Cell Rust Decay $399.99 on 6pm

    Just noticed that 6pm has the rust decay FC in stock at about at 40% discount. I would buy them buuuuut I don't have $400 just laying around right now unfortunately. Link below! Oakley Fuel Cell
  14. U

    Deal  Great deal with Mikey for Chrome XS lenses

    @Mikey fast and easy deal for chrome XS lenses
  15. U

    Deal  R1 OEM gaskets

    Phenomenal deal with @stevepc74 Probably the best experience I've had to date on this site. I only hope to repay the favor someday. Cheers
  16. cacatman Discounted 25% on full price items 10-16 May only

    I'm sure you can buy cheaper elsewhere, but anyhow, there is a deal here. Oakley for Friends and Family | At checkout, use code : OAKLEY25
  17. U

    Deal  X Metal Soft Vault

    bought x metal soft vault from @STavros fast delivery smooth transaction
  18. Brian24Xmetal

    Penny $350 buy it now on ebay Can't spend that on a pair right now, but someone should grab 'em!!
  19. D

    EBay Deal: $50 eBay Gift Card for $45 (Free $5)

    Hey guys, So i know we all make eBay purchases from time to time to snag deals on awesome Oakley collectibles. Here is a link to purchase a gift card to eBay for $50 worth of merch for only $45 shipped. Easy way to save even more on top of the ridiculously great deal you snagged already! See...