deep blue

  1. U

    Buying  ISO Deep/Shallow Blue Ird Polarized - X / MD

    Interested in either Shallow Blue Ird Polarized or Deep Blue Ird Polarized Angling lenses in any wearable condition, for either X or MD. I wouldn't mind a complete pair but just the lenses work - or lens set from another model that can be used as donor for MD or X. Looks for thank.
  2. U

    Buying  Deep Blue Polarized

    Looking to grab a set of the older angler specific Deep Blue Polarized lenses to use as donor lenses. My primary goal is to find donors that work for x-squared, even if that means buying a complete pair of sunglasses and gutting them for the lenses, as I know there aren't many options out there...
  3. sally

    Half jackets + Ikon lenses

    Just purchased some gorgeous purple half jackets from a fellow member, I absolutely love the colour and the fit. Will be looking to fit some new lenses to them shortly. (Any suggestion on colour?) Also, purchased a set of lenses for my Oakley minute's 1.0. I thought I'd see how the Ikon lenses...
  4. U

    Buying  Deep Blue Polarized Racing Jacket Lenses sku: 41-690

    Anyone have these lenses in their inventory, not using them and willing to part with them? They are non-vented deep blue iridium polarized racing jacket lenses. Looking to make my racing jackets into boating and watersports glasses. And I'm assuming since Racing Jackets are end of life, then...