1. F

    Why did my Flak 2.0 XL break...!?!?

    Does anyone know why my Oakleys could have broken like this? It's a pair of Flak 2.0 XL, about two years old and directly purchased from the Oakley website. A few weeks ago one of the arms fell off and I noticed that on one side a small piece of plastic just above the hinge had snapped. It was...
  2. F

    Logo printed off center on new Frogskins

    I just purchased my first pair of Frogskins from the Oakley website. The glasses look awesome but the logo on the left arm is just a little off center, making them look a bit fake. Is this a common issue? I'm not sure whether I should try to return them or just go along with it.
  3. karimo

    EyePatch Todd Francis edition

    I've Just got this nice pair of Todd Francis EyePatch, used, very used, but boxed and it included it's original Todd Francis Pouch bag. It looks really good next to my love & hate TLD fuel cell. The bad thing is that there is a design defect, the edge of the arm touches the lens leaving an ugly...
  4. Jduck

    Holbrook Lens Defect Question

    I recently purchased a custom pair of matte black holbrook with polarized black iridium lenses. After about 2 weeks I noticed a circle along with checks pattern inside while cleaning the lenses. It doesn't seem to affect the overall quality, however, i do not have another pair of black iridium...