det cord

  1. atomikaso

    Are gascans suitable for prescription?

    Hello! My father is looking for some stylish prescription glasses that give him some protection in his job. The first model i came up with was the Det Cord, and he liked the idea, but it is quite difficult to find, and he was slightly disconformed with the size of the glasses. So i think that a...
  2. Miren Baines

    Oakley SI Radar Range Prizim TR45

    I had actually gotten the pair last week and have been testing them out in low light conditions. I also had recently gotten the Oakley Ballistic Det Cord TR22 Prizim. I have yet to use these in a range situation but I can report that at night, at least in well lit instances such as urban...
  3. U

    Sold LNIB Prizm™ Shooting TR22 Ballistic Det Cord™ Dagger

    Selling a LNIB pair of Det Cord Dagger glasses, only reason not BNIB is because sat on my Oakley Display stand, but these for all practical purposes and are brand new, Never been worn before, no scratches , dents, dings blemishes, bruises, etc The lenses are Prizm TR22 Mil Spec. Asking $120...