deuce coupe

  1. U

    Sold  Fuel Cells - Limited/Special Editions

    Cleaning out some items. All are new in box, except Infinite Hero; no pin. Chip Foose Deuce Coupe $150 each shipped in the US
  2. U

    Sold  Deuce Coupe Holbrook

    Got a pair of Deuce Coupe Holbrooks my friend is looking to move. Box is damaged on label side from storage. Glasses are like new condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $115 shipped in the US.
  3. U

    For Sale  Deuce Holbrook w Linegear lenses !

  4. U

    Buying  Deuce Coupe Microbag

    As the title says, looking for the Deuce Coupe Microbag. Picked up the DC Fuel Cells but had the incorrect bag. Trying to keep it pure... :)
  5. ChaseBorgstrom

    Deuce Coupe Holbrooks

    Has anyone come across any Deuce Coupe's the last year or so?...i've been able to find deuce frogs but no holbrooks, any help is appreciated!
  6. ArthurL

    Oakley Frogskins Limited Edition Deuce Coupe vs Acid Green

    Hi guys, The color look similar, can anyone explain the difference between Acid green and Deuce Coupe Frogskins? Acid green seem more yellow. Thanks
  7. Squared-Ojunkie

    Deal on Deuce Coupe Frogskins

    I can't believe I found on BD Sunglasses: Online Skate & Surf Sunglass Shop for Men & Woman l Dragon, Electric Visual, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Smith Optics, Spy Optics, VonZipper & Dot Dash is offering Duce Coupe Frogskins for $89.00
  8. michaelpule

    Not A Purchase, But Rather, WINNING!

    I'm like Charlie Sheen over here, WINNING! These are the Deuce Coupe Frogs from the Forum Giveaway! I think they look better on the kiddo then on daddy! Guess I will have to pass...
  9. SpeakForYou

    My New Frogs!

    Seems I've caught the Frogskins bug, just bought my 2nd pair from the O Store in Bluewater, England. Picked up a pair of Deuce Coupe ones. I wasn't sure wether or not to get the Holbrook or the Frogs but the Frogs won, might pick up the Holbrooks at a later date. Will post some pics later.
  10. MEACRO

    Duece Coupe

    Picked these up today! Not sure if I will wear them... but I love how they look. What does everyone think of the Deuce Coupe w/ Jade Iridium?
  11. Mr BrianFantana

    New To Frogskins... First Time Purchases!!!

    First pairs of Frogskins purchased and I believe it's addicting! Matte Black/Violet Iridium Lenses Deuce Coupes/Ruby Iridium Picked this up to rock also
  12. yoshi1984

    Oakley Deuce Coupe Frogskins Collection

    Sneak Peek: Deuce Coupe Collection listed a sneak peek of the Deuce coupe series...
  13. Nyarlathotep

    Deuce Coupe

    Anyone see the pair of deuce coup frogskins up on eBay.