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    For Sale  Selling Oakley display cases in Miami.

    If any locals from Miami or South Florida are interested, I am selling some display cases. They're in good condition and available for pickup. I have recently changed the locks, and lightbulbs and cleaned them. I took the pictures before I put that work into them so they will look different...
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    Sold  Women's Display Case

    Selling my wife's Oakley display case. Case is still in very good condition. One of the more unique cases Oakley produced, plus one of the few that was specific with the female script. Only real issue is the electrical in the storage compartment. Not sure how the person that had this before...
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    For Sale  Oakley Double Wide 3.0 Display Case, 4.0 Tower Mirror, and Snowboards

    Hey all, Starting to trim down the extras I have sitting and laying around, only looking for pick-up or meet-up at this point as i don't want to ship these larger items. Located in South Florida (Northern Palm Beach County). All prices or OBO and i will love to package Oakley 3.0...
  4. F

    So Many Oakley Display Cases

    Anyone know of a website or list out there somewhere that shows pictures and gives some information about all of the different Oakley Display Cases that Oakley has had through the years? I’m digging all these nice display cases in the other display case discussions.
  5. Mike.vanderkoon

    2nd Case All Set Up 😎 🍻

    Pick up this case in the middle of the boonies yesterday. It has all the shelves, all the lights and keys work. To bad I could not get all of my whiskey into it :drinks:
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    Sold  Collection Sell ***SOLD****

    Hey guys first I hope everyone is doing well with the cover-19 situation. I have been doing some cleaning and I have decided on selling a lot of my oakley collection. Before I hit the bay I thought I would offer it here; I'am not going to try to make market value on none of my stuff I just got...
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    For Sale  Single wide display case cabinet Chicago

    For sale is a single wide display case in excellent condition. Minor scratches on plexiglass that should buff out. Comes with key, shelves and four sliding drawers. The aluminum is in excellent shape. No dents. Asking $400. Case is located in Addison Illinois. Local pickup only. No shipping due...
  8. K

    Single wide display case cabinet Chicago suburbs

    For sale is a single wide display case in excellent condition. Minor scratches on plexiglass that should buff out. Comes with key, shelves and four sliding drawers. The aluminum is in excellent shape. No dents. Asking $400. Case is located in Addison Illinois. Local pickup only. No shipping due...
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    Found  WTB - Double Wide Aluminum Display Case - NORCAL

    Hello, I am looking for a aluminum double wide display case in the San Francisco Bay Area + a few hours drive. I've been looking around on craigslist and offerup, but haven't seen a aluminum double wide specifically. Looking for any condition really, but the more working and included the...
  10. U

    For Sale  Shotgun & cube

    It is with much regret I have decided to sell this part of my collection to fund other interest. I am asking $500 for the shotgun case and 300 for the cube. I don’t need to sell but I am currently not using these. Both include shipping within the US. Will lower the price for local pick up near...
  11. SiRacer420

    One more thing.

    Disclaimer. This is a VERY rough first attempt. 1:6 scale 3.0 Counter Top Case I needed a nice way to display this coin. The “lights” as well as the floor are glow in the dark. I didn’t charge up the floor though.
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    For Sale  Tower, stands, coin display....

    Some display items for sale and a caribiner. Price of items do not include shipping. Tower is local pick up only (Pittsburgh area). If you have questions PM me please. Thanks guys! Also ignore the temporary items I had to put in the case, I moved and almost all of my oakley stuff is still packed...
  13. Lars

    Double wide 3.1 200$ on offer up Phoenix

    As title says it is a 3.1 on offer up in the Phoenix area for 200$. (Not mine)
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  15. Mjen97

    Anyone close to Ohio hunting a display case ??

    I Am picking up a few new cases in the next week or 2 and am running out of room !!! May possibly be looking to offload one of my single 3.0 nd maybe the double ??? Not positive on the double . Before I head to eBay or post for sale on here thought I would gauge the interest level and can alway...
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    Buying  Counter Top Display

    I am looking to buy a counter top display to hold about 15 pairs or so. Does anyone have a lead on one?
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    For Sale  Oakley X-Metal cube display case

    Excellent condition, minor scratches on aluminum (see pictures) but Plexiglas is immaculate. Includes key as shown in pictures. I love this case but can't keep it. Asking $400 but will negotiate some. Sorry, not interested in trades at this time. Shipping to NY from Orange county was estimated...
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    Buying  2 Aluminum Cube Displays Wanted

    I desperately want 2 of these cubes to complete my setup of the alum cabinet, counter top, and put the cube on top. Based in SoCal....been hard to find them recently except for overpriced Ebay offerings...willing to pay for shipping if price is right. If you have any leads to them in my general...
  19. xmetal40

    X Metal counter top + Romeo stand

    Always fun to move items to different locations.
  20. Pospaintballer

    Ferrari single wide

    Finally finished my first project. Ferrari themed display case. Still have to put the door back on but not sure if I want to. Shout out to @SiRacer420 for the sick Ferrari decal and shout out to @zwc0442 for the custom tb1. Now to get the rest of the pieces to fill it.
  21. Pospaintballer

    Driving Louisiana to ATL

    heading to Atlanta from New Orleans this weekend if anyone needs anything on the way. I'll be dropping off a display case but I can fit another case and any small stuff.
  22. U

    Sold  Single wides

    selling 2 of my single wides. Either 2 with the led lights or 1 with led and 1 with fluorescent lights. Buyers choice. Both have locks with keys and all shelves. In good shape some little scratches here and there but nothing crazy. $500 each if I have delivered or $400 each if you pick up or set...
  23. U

    For Sale  Counter top case

    for sale $300 shipped US only. Has lock/key and the 4 led lights up top work. The fluorescent tube lights need replaced but easy and cheap. Great shape a few little scratches here and there but easy touch up. Will entertain all offers. So don't be afraid to send me a reasonable offer. I don't...
  24. Pospaintballer

    How to clean?

    how can I clean up outside of this double wide?
  25. U

    Sold  Or sale spline case

    wanting to trade this display case for another style display, watches or glasses. Lights work and has locks and key. 2 locks need the rings on the back but still work. Looking for other single or double wides. Except 3.0 and 3.1 Counter tops, medicine cabs and cube would have to be combined...
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    For Sale  Oakley Single Wide X-Metal Display case

    Hey, everyone! I am selling a beautiful Oakley Single wide display case! IT IS NOT THE ONE PICTURED. I am away right now and just need to get an ad up for the time being! It does, however, look exactly like this case except for it has 2 locking drawers instead of the drawer and it does not have...
  27. Pospaintballer

    What should I do?

    I picked up another mega tower 3.1 this got scuffed up on the back and some paint chipping. What do I need to do in order to repaint or should I do something other than paint?
  28. Pospaintballer

    Another $80 pickup

    found this one for $80. Just like the last case but this one has the lights.
  29. joecool862

    Joecool862 and IUSTEVE Took a Road Trip Today....

    So I was browsing a local CL and found a listing for for some black tower cases within 3 hrs driving distance from me and a couple hrs away from @IUSTEVE . Turns out there were 2 double wides and a 3.1 black single wide. We both picked up a double for $350 and I picked up the single as well for...
  30. O

    Oakley display case- What size are the holes in the back of this case?

    hey does anyone know the size of the holes on the back of this case? also does anyone have one of the bases to this case that is wanting to sell it??