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    Sold  Female Oakley Display Piece

    It does have wear to it and quite dirty. I never tried cleaning it. Not entirely sure the proper name for it. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipper US $30
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    Sold  Mp3 Jewel Display, Eyewear Jewel Display $50

    Mp3 Jewel Display -Eyewear Jewel Display Eyewear jewel display 89- 422 (new) Mp3 jewel display 89-694 (new) Price for each $ 50 price for the two $ 90 Pay by Paypal free shipping to usa.
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    Sold  Oakley 1/2 Shelf SKU: 89-109 Display Acrylic (New)

    Oakley 1/2 Shelf SKU: 89-109- Display Acrylic (New) Price $60 pay by Paypal Free shipping to the United States.
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    For Sale  metal lens display

    I have 3 complete metal lens display. Good condition but of course not every lens is perfect but they all look good. $100 each Trade for Ferrari editions must be complete and other omatter and xmetals . Shipping for US included Out of country will be additional.
  5. Aarron

    Oakley Bunker for sale on ebay for you hardcore collectors

    Oakley display rare x-metal HQ Bunker No 212/500 BNWT FREE P+P £275