1. B


    Hey guys! I recently purchased a pair of Oakley splice, and the most tragic thing happened! The plastic part of the frame has shattered due to poor packaging and handling. I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum who may have a donor pair or even extra parts. Any leads or bumps would...
  2. Fullmetalcowgirl

    C wire DIY

    Hello everyone :) I just bought a pair of C wire but since they haven’t been treated well I had to substitute both temple rubbers and nose pads. While removing dirt from the metal frame i noticed the varnish was falling down quite easily in some parts and decided to remove it completely. The...
  3. K

    Shocktube custom paint

    Just finished painting my boring shocktube. Just wanted some opinions... I used some old paint laying around it's a real fine silver metallic as the base, and then a candy blue, unsure of the color because of missing label. And the red I used oem GM supply repair paint, cadillac electric red...
  4. V2oak

    V2oak's DIY: Custom Oakley x Monster Energy Gascan

    Oakley x Monster Energy Theme Gascan with matching custom box and microfiber bag.
  5. SiRacer420

    Cutting lenses by hand (a guide)

    A few days ago @iamFLIP asked me if I had any tips when it comes to cutting lenses by hand. I was just about to cut a Radar lens shield for a Trenchcoat for @hondazcrxsi so it was the perfect opportunity to take some pics of the process and share how I go about it. DISCLAIMER! This is how I do...
  6. U

    Found  Single Juliet Left Side Orbital Frame only

    I am looking to buy a Juliet Orbital Frame only (left side) (as your looking at the glasses). I have a practice nose bridge already, and am looking to learn how to do the nose bridge pin insertion, and need the orbital frame next :) Condition can be anything, it’s only for practice - just need...
  7. T

    MOD 5 - Little bored the other day

    Found some color changing paint from a previous job! Stephen Alvarez on Instagram: “Wet #Oakley #winterready #cantstop #mod5 #oakleymod5 #oakleysnowboarding”
  8. cacatman

    🦘Disassemble/Repair Guides for Hinges etc of Oakley Sunglasses

    Last updated 12th May, 2021 by @cacatman Disassembly Badman Hinge Carbon Blades Display Case Hinges (@RonkPM) FMJ Watch (all the parts) @Medusa50 Half Jacket Half X and Hinge Repair. Best “how-to”by @StG here. Hatchet Wire Spring Repair (@Serhat) and here (@Scarface) Holbrook (@SoulFulFrog)...
  9. Lionsblood

    scratched lens

    So i know it may be a silly question to ask but i have a few lenses with a scratched lens nothing to deep but surface. i got one pair from a sunglass hut and the manager said come back in a month ill have one transferred because i bought it scratched and when i went back he transferred so i was...
  10. B

    Can they be saved?

    My daughter took my eye patch 2s off my head and threw them in the ground. Any suggestions on what might work? Already bought some double edges to replace them but can't bring myself to throw these out without at least trying
  11. V2oak

    V2oak's 21st DIY: Custom Yakuza Tattoo Inspired Monster Dog

    This 1 of 1 custom monster dog was inspired and custom made for our dear friend @YakuzaFloralGangsta. There's nothing more to say about this project because the design speaks for itself. Enjoy your new tattoo inspired Monster dog bro and I hope you liked it. NOTE: No animals or dogs got hurt...
  12. hockeyguy

    Need help- DIY rust decay

    So I haven't posted here on since I created my account, I work for Oakley and refer to this forum a lot for reference. I now am seeking help, I'm wanting to rust decay a couple frames I have (haven't officially decided which ones) and have no idea how to do it. I've searched the internet for...
  13. V2oak

    V2oak's 15th DIY: Custom Snake Crankshaft

    Just playing around with my airbrush to re-create a snake skin type of finish and here's what I came up with, a color changing paint finish to polished black fade on the orbitals with a silver snake skin pattern and Jade iridium And to add some flavor, I added a black mamba snake graphics on...
  14. Soulfulfrog

    Display case. DIY

    Hi there. As a carpenter I've been thinking of building a custom case for my collection. It would be nice to buy one of those real cases but i know i can do well without spending a fortune. Besides I'd rather spend the cash on shades. My collection certainly has out grown what they are in now. I...
  15. Paraguay

    Quick Juliet Tune-Up DIY

    Most people who clicked on this thread already know that every 2-3 years the glasses start getting loose and in most cases will not stay on your head. Not exactly what I was expecting when I bought my pair. Oakley does a tune-up for something a little over USD 50. I made a DIY video where I...
  16. MKO2012

    Lens Cutting Techniques?

    I recently embarked on a mission to custom cut lenses for some of my old X-Metal frames. I had a dremel and figured what the hell. My strategy was to cover the donor lens (Big Taco for my XS) with painters tape, and trace a beater XS lens onto the tape. Once I has the lens traces, I used an...
  17. Brian24Xmetal

    Melt X Metals???

    Before you form a mob and try to lynch me....I was wondering if anyone knows if a jeweler would be able to melt down a BROKEN pair of Metals (which I haven't picked up yet, and know it will be very hard to find based on the indestructibility of these, but maybe I could get parts here and there)...
  18. AusOakley

    Modded flak jacket

    Not much of a mod and albeit an accidental mod but here it is. This was originally the text flak with pos red lenses, after I broke the arm trying to change the ear socks from red to white, I decided to change the whole lot. This is now a matte white frame( due to glue residue wrecking the...
  19. RonkPM

    My Experiments In Rust

    After seeing the Fall Out Rust Decay line, like others, I thought to reproduce it. After plenty of experimentation here is what I started with and have been trying different techniques to see what happens. I used a special paint with iron in it and have been playing with different clear coats...
  20. FrogTastic

    Rust Frogskins

    Hey, Saw these on Instagram and thought they were awesome. Anyone else done anything like this?
  21. QUA1L

    I Was Bored

    I put the ruby lenses in my clear frames. So I was left with white frames and gold lenses. After putting the gold lenses in I decided the red logo needed to go. So I lightly sanded off the red logo and now I have these...... I need to find something to get the minuscule red marks that are...
  22. S

    Acid Blue/ Brown Koston's Leg swap.... PIC

    just did this for some fun, wearing these out today for sure
  23. Rustpot

    Painting Frames- Questions

    I'm thinking of starting up a project for a pair of glasses that aren't getting any love from me, but I could see wearing if I do the mod I'm contemplating. The mod I want to do involves a couple layers of paint. I don't have a lot of painting experience, however. I know I need to prep the...