donor for x-metals

  1. PiesangKop_ZA

    Best colour lens for a R1 Plasma

    Hey OF, I've recently acquired a Plasma R1 and need to decide on what lenses to put in the frame as the stock lenses have been destroyed (as is the case with most old R1s that were worn). I have a bunch of donors and total decision paralysis. So I'm putting it to a vote (you can choose up to...
  2. U

    Buying FUBAR/Beater donor lenses for practice cutting

    Beggars can't be choosers... but if we could, I'd request priamrily Flak XLJ or Bottle Rocket lenses in beat-up shape to utilize for practice hand-cutting for the X-Squared. Because the margins are very tight for those two lenses, I'd like to get some additional practice in before moving on to...
  3. U

    Found Gold Iridium Lenses for Mars

    I’m on the hunt for a set of Gold Iridium lenses or donors to put in a Mars Jordan. Please PM me if you have a set. Doesn’t have to be 10/10. Thank You!
  4. U

    Sold Shallow Blue Polarized Pit Bull lenses (X-Metal donor)

    Brand-new, never mounted Pit Bull lenses. These are 8 base curve and ideal size for most X-Metals or Pit Boss II donor. Great amber base lenses with a unique dark blue iridium. These are NOT the Prizm Shallow Water lenses, but the older variant of Oakley angling specific lenses. Comes in lens...
  5. cacatman

    🦘Oakley Donor Lens Quick Reference Guide 2023

    Updated on 7th March, 2023 by @cacatman If you have any corrections or information to be added (including what DOESN'T work), please let me know! Check out Which Lenses and Which Rubber Parts are Interchangeable. If you read nothing else, please read the next 4 paragraphs (and the...
  6. U

    Sold Selling crosshair lenses for custom cuts fit : Mars, XX,XS,Juls,Penny.

    all three colors come only In polarized. Colors available in Emerald , Ice , Black ( polarized) . ,all have 8.75 base curve. Perfect to send to a cutter or keep for a rainy day. Each set will come with a Oakley lens pouch ( fits two lenses in separate pocket. All lenses are 80$ Per set + 20$...