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    Sold Shallow Blue Polarized Pit Bull lenses (X-Metal donor)

    Brand-new, never mounted Pit Bull lenses. These are 8 base curve and ideal size for most X-Metals or Pit Boss II donor. Great amber base lenses with a unique dark blue iridium. These are NOT the Prizm Shallow Water lenses, but the older variant of Oakley angling specific lenses. Comes in lens...
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    Sold Donor Lenses: Big Taco, Plaintiff, and Turbine -- $old!

    Shipping CONUS. Big Taco lenses fit all X-Metal, Romeo, Mars, X-Squared, etc. Plaintiff fits all X-Metal + OTT! Turbine fits all X-Metal, but unlike Big Taco, does not come with 8.75 base curve. Closer to a 7 curve. I will be happy to entertain questions. Please PM me. $OLD Turbine...
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    For Sale Big Taco Donors

    UPDATE - MORE STOCK AVAILABLE!!!! Anyone need some donors??? I have multiple sets of each color. These are going to start getting really hard to find especially in the cool colors and I'm blasting them under retail price. Shipping is $7 to US or Canada without tracking, $12 with tracking...
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    Penny donor lens

    Which Oakley lenses cut for the Penny? Who could I send the donor lens to? Thank you.