donor lens

  1. suspectotb

    GEN 1/2 Racing Jacket Donors

    Hi guys, Does anyone know which oakley lenses are compatible to be used as a donor lens for the gen 1 & 2 racing jackets? Thanks!
  2. PiesangKop_ZA

    Best colour lens for a R1 Plasma

    Hey OF, I've recently acquired a Plasma R1 and need to decide on what lenses to put in the frame as the stock lenses have been destroyed (as is the case with most old R1s that were worn). I have a bunch of donors and total decision paralysis. So I'm putting it to a vote (you can choose up to...
  3. U

    Sold Shallow Blue Polarized Pit Bull lenses (X-Metal donor)

    Brand-new, never mounted Pit Bull lenses. These are 8 base curve and ideal size for most X-Metals or Pit Boss II donor. Great amber base lenses with a unique dark blue iridium. These are NOT the Prizm Shallow Water lenses, but the older variant of Oakley angling specific lenses. Comes in lens...
  4. U

    Sold Donor Lenses: Big Taco, Plaintiff, and Turbine -- $old!

    Shipping CONUS. Big Taco lenses fit all X-Metal, Romeo, Mars, X-Squared, etc. Plaintiff fits all X-Metal + OTT! Turbine fits all X-Metal, but unlike Big Taco, does not come with 8.75 base curve. Closer to a 7 curve. I will be happy to entertain questions. Please PM me. $OLD Turbine...
  5. U

    For Sale Big Taco Donors

    UPDATE - MORE STOCK AVAILABLE!!!! Anyone need some donors??? I have multiple sets of each color. These are going to start getting really hard to find especially in the cool colors and I'm blasting them under retail price. Shipping is $7 to US or Canada without tracking, $12 with tracking...
  6. B

    Penny donor lens

    Which Oakley lenses cut for the Penny? Who could I send the donor lens to? Thank you.