1. Jmgarcia

    For Sale Donation station

    Haven’t done one in a while, and I did open my big fat mouth about giving it away if it didn’t sell... true to my word I give thee a Black sliver round... you know what to do! 1. Batman 2. Oak prime 3. Code 4. 4-7 5. Fox 6. Mr magoo 7. BladeZ 8. OakleyOCD 9. Geo 10.crazyaboutmyX 11. Blonde...
  2. cacatman

    🦘Oakley Donor Lens Guide 2020 - Quick Reference Guide

    Updated on 8th May, 2020 by cacatman If you have any corrections or information to be added (including what DOESN'T work), please let me know! Check out Which Lenses and Which Rubber Parts are Interchangeable. If you read nothing else, please read the next 4 paragraphs (and the "Epilogue")...
  3. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Big Taco Emerald Polarized Lenses - Donors for all xmetals - GONE

    New Big Taco Emerald Polarized - Donors for pretty much all xmetals Price: $120 shipped ConUS, G&S (For seller protection I can only ship to the address that you have on file with paypal ...... or else). Price is firm, no trades
  4. Oakster

    For Sale Big Taco Donors

    UPDATE - MORE STOCK AVAILABLE!!!! Anyone need some donors??? I have multiple sets of each color. These are going to start getting really hard to find especially in the cool colors and I'm blasting them under retail price. Shipping is $7 to US or Canada without tracking, $12 with tracking...