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    Double Tap Stealth - Looking for parts

    Hi everyone, im looking for the red button and dial on the DT Stealth, one is lost, dial the paint on the 12th hour came off … thanks for your help ! (took the picture from someone on a thread, thanks to him)
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    Sold  Grey/SS Double Tap

    For sale is my last watch; Double Tap Grey with SS bracelet. Immaculate condition overall. I have worn it a handful of times so there may be a minor mark or two on the bracelet but nothing significant at all. A solid 9-9.5/10. Comes with (flawless) wooden display box, original packaging and all...
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    Buying  Watches & Glasses

    Whats up everyone! I'm looking for a few watches and a couple eyewear! Here are the watches I'm interested in buying: - FMJ watch (if possible) - Double Tap metal wrist band - Hollowpoint (any color is fine) There are only a couple glasses I'm really interested in but here they are: -...
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    For Sale  Multiple Oakley Products (Fixtures, Eyewear, Prints, Accessories)

    Hey Everyone - I have updated prices and inventory for a number of Oakley products that former employees are selling. Inventory and price list can be found below. Images can be found here: Dropbox - Oakley - Simplify your life Prices do not included shipping costs. All sales are final and...
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    Sold  ***Price Drop***Brushed Stainless w/ Grey Face Double Tap Watch

    I have for sale a new Double Tap Stainless w/ Grey face watch - comes with the box, white sleeve, and vault. If you look at the clasp you will see a very light superficial scratch and two spots on the band, see last 3 pictures. These were on the watch when I bought it off of display from...
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    Sold  Stealth Double Tap

    Stealth Double Tap for sale, not much use I’d probably say collective wear of two weeks. There’s a small scratch, not a crack, in the sapphire near the 9 position. Oakley could replace the sapphire I just never really wore it enough to remember that it was even scratched. Asking $400 plus...
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    Sold  LNIB Stealth DoubleTap Watch

    Actually its brand new, never been used or displayed. It was a backup to the one I wear but I have decided to part ways with it. Comes with original paper work, soft sided case, black box, and outer white sleeve. Still has the vanilla smell :) Asking $550 OBO USD PayPal G&S, Shipped CONUS...
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    Sold  Lightly Used SS Dbltap - 835.00

    Seems just as i decided to wear this cool watch, GF got me the Gear s3. Now not even as sexy as a dbltap, i wont miss any phone calls or texts. (i think shes on to me!!) :assassin: So its was only used a few times to dinner on a sat. Since she is with me, no need to use a s3. Everything is...
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    Found  SS Double Tap with Rubber Strap or Blue Face DT

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a stainless steel face Double Tap with a rubber strap like the below? Hoping someone has swapped their blue face and wouldn't mind parting with the left-overs ;) Not picky about the original box or paperwork as long as it comes with the watch...
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    Sold  Blue Faced Double Tap - LNIB - 575.00 - CONUS

    Hi all! Offering one new in box double tap. (new as far as i can tell) (it is unused) Blue numbered, rubber band. (with vanilla smell) :) Looking for 575.00 Comes with insurance and well packed. Also can include the watch stand if you so desire it. No trades. Previous owner swapped bands...
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    Sold  WATCH SALE!

    Some unforeseen events/death in the extended family has left me in a bind. I rather not spill my guts so basically I need the extra cash to take care of everything that comes with this issue... 1. Hollowpoint/Orange face. Brand new never used just sized at the store but will...
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    Traded  wanting to trade some watches/eyewear for a couple elusive Holbrooks

    Disregard this
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    Sold  Double Tap - 800.00 Watch - Total Cost - Nib. w/metal bracelet w/case CONUS

    Looking to move this out of collection. No trades and CONUS only. Worn once and then put into display. (right when the notice that oakley were stopping production. (figures). Will come with the display box just to move it out also. Pictures: BOX extra. Any questions please...
  14. RMZ21

    My Latest Acquisition....

    Just got these recently.... A Tincan Satin Chrome with +Red Iridium Polar, Frogskins Union Jack with Ruby Iridium, Double Tap Watch Gray with Bracelet, and a Hollow Point Red Dial Watch:)