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  1. OakleyRyan9250

    Changing band on a Double Tap Question

    Hey everyone! I have two double tap watches and one of them I want to change the wrist band and make a paracord watch band for one of them. Does anyone have any experience or tips on how to make this work?? If not it’s okay I just wanted to see if anyone has attempted this! thank you guys!
  2. U

    Sold  Double Tap Blue or Stealth

    I’m looking to sell one of my rubber strap Double Taps. Both are complete. Open to selling either - I’ll keep which ever one doesn’t sell first. $585 OBO each shipped anywhere in NA. 1) Double Tap Blue Dial. Overall great shape. Some scuffs on the lower SS as shown in the 3rd pic. Can likely...
  3. U

    For Sale  Multiple Oakley Products (Fixtures, Eyewear, Prints, Accessories)

    Hey Everyone - I have updated prices and inventory for a number of Oakley products that former employees are selling. Inventory and price list can be found below. Images can be found here: Dropbox - Oakley - Simplify your life Prices do not included shipping costs. All sales are final and...
  4. U

    Sold  Double Tap - Stainless - NIB 1100.00 - conus only

    Good day. Selling second to last item of my collection. Never used, displayed only Double tap Watch. placed on a stand within my little case and turned off to not run. Picked up NEW and never worn. Pictures below. Must have a decent trader rating. CONUS ONLY. any questions, write or...
  5. U

    Sold  ***Price Drop***Brushed Stainless w/ Grey Face Double Tap Watch

    I have for sale a new Double Tap Stainless w/ Grey face watch - comes with the box, white sleeve, and vault. If you look at the clasp you will see a very light superficial scratch and two spots on the band, see last 3 pictures. These were on the watch when I bought it off of display from...
  6. U

    Sold  Stealth Double Tap

    Stealth Double Tap for sale, not much use I’d probably say collective wear of two weeks. There’s a small scratch, not a crack, in the sapphire near the 9 position. Oakley could replace the sapphire I just never really wore it enough to remember that it was even scratched. Asking $400 plus...
  7. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth DoubleTap Watch

    Actually its brand new, never been used or displayed. It was a backup to the one I wear but I have decided to part ways with it. Comes with original paper work, soft sided case, black box, and outer white sleeve. Still has the vanilla smell :) Asking $550 OBO USD PayPal G&S, Shipped CONUS...
  8. The_Darkone

    A little time from the Darkside

    It doesn't really matter what time it is on the Darkside because once you enter you are never leaving :vinsent: but thought I would share a few pieces I have collected from the poor souls who have entered...... Just waiting on a few more guests to arrive
  9. U

    Sold  [USED] Double tap Watch w/ stainless bracelet

    Hi, Selling my used Double tap + extra links. I wore it quiet often, and is kept in the box when not in used. please see attached pictures for current condition, and feel free to reach out for questions. Price: $765 (Paypal fees/Priority shipping/Insurance/US only)
  10. U

    For Sale  My Oakley Watch Collection

    Selling off some of my collection to offset my habit for luxury watches. I have the following up for grabs: GB Auto has titanium bracelet with box and warranty card - $1,300. I have a blue face polished titanium MM with box and warranty card- $1,050. DT Blue rubber - $650, DT stainless steel -...
  11. U

    Found  Blue Double Tap

    Good evening O folks! I'm looking for a Blue Double Tap in like new condition. Box would be nice but not a deal breaker (never plan on selling it). I'm very familiar with what eBay has but overpriced and the one with the defect just won't go away. ;) PM me if you have one or a lead. Thank you...
  12. U

    Found  SS Double Tap with Rubber Strap or Blue Face DT

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a stainless steel face Double Tap with a rubber strap like the below? Hoping someone has swapped their blue face and wouldn't mind parting with the left-overs ;) Not picky about the original box or paperwork as long as it comes with the watch...
  13. U

    Sold  Blue Faced Double Tap - LNIB - 575.00 - CONUS

    Hi all! Offering one new in box double tap. (new as far as i can tell) (it is unused) Blue numbered, rubber band. (with vanilla smell) :) Looking for 575.00 Comes with insurance and well packed. Also can include the watch stand if you so desire it. No trades. Previous owner swapped bands...
  14. U

    Sold  WATCH SALE!

    Some unforeseen events/death in the extended family has left me in a bind. I rather not spill my guts so basically I need the extra cash to take care of everything that comes with this issue... 1. Hollowpoint/Orange face. Brand new never used just sized at the store but will...
  15. U

    Traded  White Dial Hollow Point FOR Blue Dial Double Tap Plus Cash OR FOR SALE $890

    Looking to trade a white dial Hollow Point. Watch is in excellent condition, with no scratches on the crystal, very minimal marks on the band and clasp, and some scratches on the rear casing. No links have been removed. Comes complete with all 3 boxes and this has the more desirable wooden box...
  16. U

    Sold  BNIB Stealth Double Tap Watch $450 Shipped

    Brand new, complete, unworn. $450 shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be $30 extra. Paypal fees included in price. NO TRADES.
  17. U

    Traded  wanting to trade some watches/eyewear for a couple elusive Holbrooks

    Disregard this
  18. THE X-MAN

    Blue Double Tap

    Whos got a blue faced rubber band type?
  19. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth Double Tap $475 and BNIB Blue Dial Double Tap $500

    I was selling these on separate threads but just decided to consolidate both in one thread. Went overboard with my spending so need these gone. LNIB stealth double tap worn 3 times, in like new condition. BNIB blue dial double tap. Both come complete with boxes and vault. $475 for the stealth...
  20. U

    For Sale  Bottle Cap Watch - Stealth Black/Black Dial/Unobtainium Strap 26-312

    Thanks for looking. second item out of my small collection up for sale. Its a unused LNIB (if you want to call a box it came in a box). Bottlecap. It comes with everything you see here. Looking for 350.00 (really not sure whats its worth so up for discussion) To include shipping CONUS...
  21. U

    For Sale  Gearbox - Nib - Oakley Gearbox Brushed Black and Tan Dial Watch

    Putting up a few watches and this is the first. Not looking for any trades to speak of. Doubletap would be a consideration. (either the stealth one or the blue lettered one). Price looking for is 275.00 CONUS please. F&F or 4%. Your call. Would prefer you have some history for F%F but...
  22. Oakley1975

    New Double Tap Watch

    Anyone have any release info or sneak peek pics of the new Oakley Double Tap Watch?!? I'm interested in hearing more about it.