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    Sold  Double Wide 2.0/Spine Case - Charlotte, NC area

    Looking to sell my Double Wide 2.0/Spine case. The time has come to downsize in cases; looking to pass this one along to someone else. Case is in overall good condition; nothing that has given any issues in the time I have owned it. Electrical is full function as seen in pictures. Dimensions...
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    For Sale  Shelf Double wide: Sku 89-114

    Shelf Double wide - (New) Shelf Double Wide (New) Three available. Shelf 1/2 Sold. Price $75 pay by Paypal Free shipping to the United States.
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    Deal  Aluminum Double Wide in SoCal (craigslist)

    Aluminum Double Wide in SoCal - no shelves posted on Craigslist. Display case (Oakley)
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    Found  WTB - Double Wide Aluminum Display Case - NORCAL

    Hello, I am looking for a aluminum double wide display case in the San Francisco Bay Area + a few hours drive. I've been looking around on craigslist and offerup, but haven't seen a aluminum double wide specifically. Looking for any condition really, but the more working and included the...
  5. ZCForge

    My First Standing Display Case

    I’ve been looking for a tower for years, the problem is they were either way overpriced or too far away to justify the travel. I live in a pretty rural when it comes to these kind of things. Then, I stumbled across someone on a local buy/sell app a few weeks ago looking to sell a 3.0 double...
  6. Lars

    Double wide 3.1 200$ on offer up Phoenix

    As title says it is a 3.1 on offer up in the Phoenix area for 200$. (Not mine)
  7. Mjen97

    Anyone close to Ohio hunting a display case ??

    I Am picking up a few new cases in the next week or 2 and am running out of room !!! May possibly be looking to offload one of my single 3.0 nd maybe the double ??? Not positive on the double . Before I head to eBay or post for sale on here thought I would gauge the interest level and can alway...
  8. Dieseltech

    Dieseltechs Collection Thread

    So I have been on the quest for an Oakley cabinet for a long time. Found this one recently for a decent price but it was really dirty... After cleaning on it for a week, I think it looks pretty good! Finally got it set up, even though I think I need to arrange it a little better. Collection...
  9. U

    Buying  Oakley Case

    I'm looking for a Oakley Double Wide Display case. Looking for a nice case no more than $800.00 It also needs to be no more than 4 hours or so driving distance from Bentonville, Arkansas. I would like to find something like the picture on this thread. Thanks
  10. joecool862

    Joecool862 and IUSTEVE Took a Road Trip Today....

    So I was browsing a local CL and found a listing for for some black tower cases within 3 hrs driving distance from me and a couple hrs away from @IUSTEVE . Turns out there were 2 double wides and a 3.1 black single wide. We both picked up a double for $350 and I picked up the single as well for...
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    For Sale  Double Wide Display Case

    I am looking to sell my double wide display case. The plexiglass is clean and the aluminum is not scuffed up. I installed LEDs into the case which are extremely bright. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to deliver this so the buyer would have to pick it up. Also, the locks on this are not keyed...
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    Buying  Oakley Tower (any style/size), Silver Oakley Poster Frame

    Hello, I am renovating my house and I am in search of an Oakley Tower/Towers. I will consider any size and style, but would prefer a double wide. I am located on the Saskatchewan/North Dakota border and will drive up to 12 hours in any direction in Canada or North Dakota to pick up (Minnesota...
  13. aleXmetals1269

    X metal juliet the one that started it all plus display cases

    Hi guys finally I was able to replace my x metal juliet that I lost in Cancun 6 months ago this is the one that stared all this madness, that one that ignited the passion of collecting x metals. I just got it yesterday from eBay and also I finally picked up my double wide display case and...