1. A

    Oakley Double Tap

    Looking for a double tap with Grey Bracelet? Anyone know of anyone looking to part ways with one?
  2. U

    For Sale  Large Trade or Sale - Artist Series Hatchets Doubletap Killswitch Carbon Prime Madman Shoes Bunker Money Clip Uncommon, Collection Level Pieces

    7/11: **Open to individual sales** and will update as items are sold Looking back over this list i will update some of the prices, it was a little overwhelming pulling everything together I'm looking for a trade first, so a trade will take precedence over a straight up sale. I know I'm asking...
  3. U

    Deal  Doubletaps - Black / Blue

    post for sale of 2 double taps. stealth and blue. pics in next post. thanks (hanging on to the stainless one.. maybe,... !!!!!) :focus-97:
  4. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth DoubleTap Watch

    Actually its brand new, never been used or displayed. It was a backup to the one I wear but I have decided to part ways with it. Comes with original paper work, soft sided case, black box, and outer white sleeve. Still has the vanilla smell :) Asking $550 OBO USD PayPal G&S, Shipped CONUS...
  5. S

    Oakley double tap

    Sooo nice! Hard to find these. blue Oakley Double Tap Blue Face Watch: Everything Else
  6. OakleyLewis74

    I have a couple pairs of Oakley Double Tap watches. few questions

    Hello, I am new to this forum but love Oakley. I just bought two pairs of Oakley Double taps. I bought the stealth and the blue face with rubber strap. What is your guys opinions on the watch because I love them. How collectable do you guys believe those watches will be (I wish I got the one...
  7. U

    Deal  Doubleshot - Goldengatepeppers

    picked this up from a fellow enabler. (you guys should form a "lets get beans cash" club. Great deal. did F&F for a high priced item. Would do so again. Trusted. Another example of someone that needs to stick around here. yea full image. its deserves nothing less.
  8. bean323

    New Doubletap but.. inperfections

    got the double tap today!! and it came slightly messed up. see: and i can take this to HQ and request to fix or… what? (they are close to me.. ) and since i didn't buy , buy it. (a buddy did) do i need a receipt? any thoughts.. thanks for helping!
  9. U

    For Sale  Bottle Cap Watch - Stealth Black/Black Dial/Unobtainium Strap 26-312

    Thanks for looking. second item out of my small collection up for sale. Its a unused LNIB (if you want to call a box it came in a box). Bottlecap. It comes with everything you see here. Looking for 350.00 (really not sure whats its worth so up for discussion) To include shipping CONUS...
  10. U

    For Sale  Gearbox - Nib - Oakley Gearbox Brushed Black and Tan Dial Watch

    Putting up a few watches and this is the first. Not looking for any trades to speak of. Doubletap would be a consideration. (either the stealth one or the blue lettered one). Price looking for is 275.00 CONUS please. F&F or 4%. Your call. Would prefer you have some history for F%F but...