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    O-Matter ‘Spring Hinge’

    I just bought a new pair of Drop Points and I’ve noticed with all my O-Matter frames that there is a spring like behavior that snaps the ear stems open. One side of my new frames works perfectly, but the other is sticky and doesn’t spring open. I was reading that using some graphite to lube up...
  2. Ck2.0

    Help! Lost a temple icon on my drop point 936’s... where do I buy replacement?

    Lost a icon on my dp’s looking for another. Anybody can help?
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    Prizm Black Polarized with different colored lenses?

    I bought a pair of Drop Points and Targetlines both with Prizm Black Polarized lenses. The Drop Points have a red pink tint which I don’t care for and the Targetlines are neutral gray. Why is this? Do Drop Points come in a neutral gray tint?
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    Which prizm lens to see real color?

    Hello! I'm about to buy my first oakley and i do not know which lens to choose! Actually i chose the model: turbine or drop point ( any suggestion on similar model?) But i want a lens with neutral colour and the only option seems to be the prizm black polarized. I tried the prizm deep water and...
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    Sold  Introducing the Drop Point- Grey / Prizm Sapphire Pol

    For sale is one pair of Drop Point, just available starting today....in my store anyway. Price is $sold delivered (retail is $sold on this pair) in US. Outside US or questions PM. Frame: Matte Dark Grey Lens: Prizm Sapphire Polarized Icons: Blue Includes: Glasses, MF bag, Original Box and...