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    What is a rough value of Ducati Juliet?

    I have a pair of the Oakley Ducati Juliet glasses. They were bought from a national retailer in early to mid 2005. The bridge is "loose", the lenses are scratched (ex-gf put them in her purse, with change at the bottom), the earsocks are "useable" but I would assume you would want them to be...
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    Sold Oakley Juliet x-metal ducati

    For sale non serial oakley juliet xmetal as descriptions. Frame : very clean xmetal non serial no minor users marks Lens mounting : brand new oakley gray iridium. Nosebridge has been tune up with new earshock black linegear. What included with this set : Like new conditions oakley black...
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    You guys like rare stuff.. here's your chance to own something RARE Juliet Ducati 04-159 Brand New Factory Sealed! Makes a perfect gift for Christmas.. who likes to get something worn ? SOLD Shipped CONUS G&S
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    Found BNIB Ducati Carbon Juliets

    Please let me know if you have a complete set at a reasonable price. Thanks everyone.
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    For Sale 1 set still available of OEM Xsquared Ducati black iridium lenses

    For sale oem lenses Ducati for Xsquared, 2 sets available in generic Oakley lenses box, only One set Have The stick But both are New And never mount. Condition: BNIB 10/10 no defects Price $110 Allin each Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included To all. Thanks For look.
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    Trading BNIB pitbull with juliet ducati lens

    hi all, i'm looking for ducati lens for my juliet. I have BNIB oakley pitbull Asian Rootbeer frame with bronze polarized lens. looking for trade with new conditions oakley juliet ducati with etched ducati on the lens. my location : bali - indonesia. I will pay shipping cost by EMS and lens...