1. kayana photography bali

    Sold Oakley Juliet x-metal ducati

    For sale non serial oakley juliet xmetal as descriptions. Frame : very clean xmetal non serial no minor users marks Lens mounting : brand new oakley gray iridium. Nosebridge has been tune up with new earshock black linegear. What included with this set : Like new conditions oakley black...
  2. SolarOracle


    You guys like rare stuff.. here's your chance to own something RARE Juliet Ducati 04-159 Brand New Factory Sealed! Makes a perfect gift for Christmas.. who likes to get something worn ? SOLD Shipped CONUS G&S
  3. Kalaika33

    Found BNIB Ducati Carbon Juliets

    Please let me know if you have a complete set at a reasonable price. Thanks everyone.
  4. Fernando

    For Sale 1 set still available of OEM Xsquared Ducati black iridium lenses

    For sale oem lenses Ducati for Xsquared, 2 sets available in generic Oakley lenses box, only One set Have The stick But both are New And never mount. Condition: BNIB 10/10 no defects Price $110 Allin each Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included To all. Thanks For look.
  5. kayana photography bali

    Trading BNIB pitbull with juliet ducati lens

    hi all, i'm looking for ducati lens for my juliet. I have BNIB oakley pitbull Asian Rootbeer frame with bronze polarized lens. looking for trade with new conditions oakley juliet ducati with etched ducati on the lens. my location : bali - indonesia. I will pay shipping cost by EMS and lens...