ducati rubbers

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    Sold  New Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + RX X-Metal Soft Vault and rare cardboard box

    I have a X-Metal Ducati Juliet for sale. The serialized frame was worn two or three times with RX lenses. Lenses were built back to the original Ducati etched Black Iridium lenses which were never used - so they are new! Nosebridge is tight! Package includes replacement rubbers, coin, bag and...
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    Sold  Ichiro Emerald Rubbers

    Got few spare rubbers for sale in new condition Emerald Ichiro Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Tshox 25 w/ large nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Blue Ichiro small nosebombs (2 pieces) $15 SOLD Mix of 2 large nosebombs (Blue+Emerald) SOLD Rootbeer Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4...
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    Buying  Hatchet Ducati red socks and MF bag.

    Hi All, as the title states, looking for the red Ducati socks for the Hatchet and the Ducati MF bag. I know it's a super long shot on the socks but.... let me know if you have a pair you are willing to part with and a price. Thanks
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    Trading  Ichiro and XS Tshox for your Juliet Ducati Tshox

    Looking for Juliet Ducati Tshox and nose bombs only I have Ichiro Blue, Emerald Ichiro, Rootbeer and XS Black and Ducati Tshox for Trade all in new condition. Looking for new ones as well Let me know what you have Thanks
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    Traded  XS Black and Ducati rubber kits

    CONUS shipping please Ducati sold! $50 for everything else.
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    Found  BNIB Ducati Carbon Juliets

    Please let me know if you have a complete set at a reasonable price. Thanks everyone.
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    For Sale  Ichiro and Ducati rubbers

    Hello OF. Selling as individual pairs.Everything is brand new, oem, and never installed or used. Just taken out for pictures. Earsocks would fit Juliet, XX Xmetal, Romeo 1and Mars. All earsocks have the CE and Made in USA print. Price includes shipping within CONUS. 1 pair red Ducati...