1. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog

    Monster Dog Crystal Black Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.0 / 10 (to see photos) Monster Dog Ducati Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.5 / 10 (to see photos) Please, if you have any questions...
  2. Fernando

    For Sale Juliet ducati carbon w/ black iridium

    Hello Of for sale a used Juliet ducati carbon frame with black iridium lenses, in good condition le left lenses have scratchers I think still good for wear, the frame dont have scrachers still very good, the nose bridge strong like the first day, came with the ducati microbag , is 4gen. Frame...
  3. Fernando

    Sold Scalpel Ducati Stoner27 - Polished Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale Scalpel Polished Black with Black Iridium lenses in used condition, the lenses have signs of wear but they are fine to continue using it, the rubbers and frame still in very good condition, red icons like new, came with the ducati microbag. Signature: Ducati Casey Stoner27...
  4. SolarOracle

    For Sale XS Polished Frame w/ Ducati earsocks

    Selling this beautiful X-Squared Polished Frame SKU 006011-05 in mint condition. Earstems and nose bridge are tight. Comes with orbital screws, gaskets, temple shox, nose bombs and Ducati earsocks in new condition. No box or coin, Microfiber bag only I'll trow in a set of XS Ducati lenses but...
  5. Tejada

    Sold PB1 Ducati

    PB1 Ducati (Complete) Complete with boxes and papers. The frame is in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. the lenses are in very good condition, with some superficial scratches 9.8/10 boxes in good condition. Price $ 1035 Free shipping in the USA UU Pay by Paypal
  6. Fernando

    Sold Like new Straight Jacket II, New Ducati Limited Edition Dark Grey w/ Black Iridium “Stoner27”

    hello Of for sale a like new straits jacketII new ducati stoner edition dark grey frame with black iridium lenses, all is perfect and came with normal bag, don’t have any defect and never use, don’t have any scratchers or defect, frame lenses and rubbers perfect. Lense 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Juliet ducati 1st gen complete oem frame with free used lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale a Ducati Xmetal 1st gen continuation serial frame is used but very good condition, nose bridge is strong from factory 9/10 I install new nose pads and red shocks, I put free lenses in the deal I can send with it installed or separately, have all oem. Serial DUCATI008122...
  8. SolarOracle

    Sold XS Ducati Box and Coin

    X-Squared Ducati (OO6011-09) box and coin in good condition Includes box, collector's coin and paperworks X-Metal vault and Microfiber bag not included Asking $80 shipped CONUS
  9. Tejada

    Sold PB1 Ducati (Complete) $950

    PB1 Ducati (Complete) Complete with boxes and papers. the frame is in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. the lenses are in very good condition with some superficial scratches 9/10 boxes in good condition. Price $ 1090 > $950 Free shipping in the USA Pay by Paypal
  10. Fernando

    For Sale Beater New Straight jacket II dark grey w/ black iridium ducati Stoner signature

    Hello OF for sale beater new straight jacket II ducati stoner signature, the lenses dead :( and the frame have the pain peling inside the arms, have signs of wear, perfect for custom or displayed, have the original lenses with stoner 27 attached in the lenses. Frame 6/10 Lenses...
  11. karimo

    For Sale Inmate Ducati new

    Selling my BNIB Inmate Ducati. Was USD SOLD shipped. Now USD SOLD shipped
  12. Tejada

    Sold Monster Dog Ducati

    Monster Dog Ducati Frame and lenses in excellent condition. including the Ducati microfiber bag. Price $ Sold Send gratis to usa pay by Paypal
  13. Fernando

    Sold Monster dog Ducati polished black w/ black iridium

    hello OForum for sale used monster dog Ducati, polished black frame with black Iridium lenses, in very good condition, perfect for delay wear, the lenses don’t have scrachers have little cleaning marks very low, dificult to get in the pics, nothing disturb the vision, the frame have sign of wear...
  14. SolarOracle

    Deal Deal between @eric cash and @SolarOracle

    XS Ducati Kit For feedback purposes Thanks
  15. Codechimp08

    Buying Hatchet Ducati red socks and MF bag.

    Hi All, as the title states, looking for the red Ducati socks for the Hatchet and the Ducati MF bag. I know it's a super long shot on the socks but.... let me know if you have a pair you are willing to part with and a price. Thanks
  16. weshardeniv

    Found Ducati Pit Boss 1

    As the title says, if you have a Ducati Pit Boss 1 that is looking for a loving new home, hit me up!
  17. Fernando

    Sold Minute DUCATI silver w/ black iridium (BNOB - Gen2)

    Hello Of one more minute bnob, silver frame with black Iridium lenses, Ducati limited edition, is new and don’t have defec, came with red mf-bag, all is original, I put 9,9 because don’t have the box and is open, but all is 10/10. SKU: 12-639 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers...
  18. mustangjt

    Found Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook 9102-14

    Looking to buy 9102-14 Nicky Hayden Ducati Holbrook. Thank You!
  19. SolarOracle

    Sold Ducati earsocks and Tshox

    Hello OF Selling extra sets of Ducati kits 2 Ducati earsocks 2 Ducati Tshox (25) 2 Black Nosebombs (L) Earsocks and Tshox will fit XX, Romeo, Juliet Nosebombs / Juliet only Left earsock is etched (Made and USA) and the right side has no etching All sets are brand new / never worn $OLD per...
  20. X-Metal Beast

    Sold New OEM Pit Boss 1 Ducati icons

    New OEM PB1 Ducati icons. 1 set available. Price is $75 firm shipped USA
  21. Fernando

    Sold Ducati Five 3.0 matte black w/ black iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale another Ducati that we had in the store in the display for people to try, has some marks of being out and putting it in the showcase, but they are in very good condition, have some signs the lenses but I have tried and it looks good, nothing that bothers, came complete...
  22. Tejada

    Sold Gascan flying tiger black, Gascan 10th mountain division, oil drum ducati

    Gascan flying tigre negro 8/10 $ 90 Gascan 10a división de montaña 8/10 $ 115 SOLD Oil Drum ducati 7/10 $ 70 Free shipping in the United States Pay Paypal
  23. Tejada

    Sold 15 GLASSES. Fives 3.0 Ducati, Ferrari Carbon Blade, Conductor 8 Carbon, Warden,Offshoot. +

    In general the frames are in very good condition, some lenses have small scratches, each one comes with what you see in the photos. If you require more detailed information and photos, please send me a message. Warden Brown Tortoise (Trigger) Lens gold clear 9/10 SKU 05-892 $80 SOLD Fives...
  24. Bonz-1

    For Sale Mixed bag of glasses!

    Ok I have some nice pairs I don't wear ! I bought all these used and I would say are 8/10 I don't see anything wrong with them but you might!! All have original boxes in different degrees of shape !! The transformers gas can are new in sealed box have never been out !! They may have the possible...
  25. Steven Goldberg

    Buying Ducati Juliet Earsocks

    Ducati Juliet Earsocks If anyone can sell me a pair I’d appreciate it. Please PM me
  26. Fernando

    Sold Bnib Monster Dog Ducati Limited Edition polished Black w/ black iridium Sku: 12-672

    Hello all for sale perfect set of monster dog polished Black with black Iridium, is a ducati limited edition, came complete with all ( glasses included heheheh), I rated it in 9,9 because is open but all is 10, i go to put best pics later. SKU: 12-672 Condition BNIB Price $300 #SOLD allin...
  27. Aqa Pool Ko

    Oakley Monster Dog

    Hola amigos...... entre mi pequeña colección cuento con una unidad de Monster Dog edición limitada Ducati..... el problema es que con el paso del tiempo las gafas están perfectas, pero los iconos se me han despintado el color rojo original y ahora están cromados...... alguno sabe el código de...
  28. brjn1988

    For Sale Limited Ed. Fuel Cells among others!

    Hey all, I'm looking to thin out my collection a bit: London Fuel Cell OO9096-58 w/ bag and box---- 9/10 barley worn, no significant scratches or marks on frame. Polished black does tend to show more marks than usual IMO. Very little if any marks or scratches on lenses. $110 Ducati Fuel Cell...
  29. toosteeley

    Sold LNIB Xmetal Juliet Ducati

    Beatiful, like new condition 1st gen Xmetal Juliet Ducati. These have never been worn. Full, matching set. Everything is in pristine condition - coin has never even been removed from the flap! You won’t find a better condition set :) Looking for $OLD shipped in NA.
  30. SolarOracle


    You guys like rare stuff.. here's your chance to own something RARE Juliet Ducati 04-159 Brand New Factory Sealed! Makes a perfect gift for Christmas.. who likes to get something worn ? SOLD Shipped CONUS G&S