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    For Sale  Juliet carbon ducati prescriptions lens on request

    • frame really good conditions, no paint oxidation. History from previous owner glued the nosebridge. But I already removed more the 98% from the glues on the bridge. I don’t want to damage the paint more. • Nose bridge: 10/10 tuneup just change rubber from linegear. 1 pin still using the old...
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    Sold  Pit Boss 1 Ducati boxes (3), elite bag, and documentation

    Make your Pit Boss 1 Ducati complete Everything is OEM. . Ducati label outer box in very good condition. A few storage scuffs. Sticker perfect. See pics. Ducati wooden PB1 box in excellent condition, hinges and interior perfect. Carton PB1 box in great condition too, foam still intact Elite...
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    Sold  Juliet Carbon Ducati 04-159

    Does not get enough face time, so it's gotta go. • frame, temples: 9,5/10. Tiny wipe mark on nose bridge, all but invisible • Nose bridge: 10/10. Just repined! • Hinges: 10/10. Just tightened! • lenses: 7/10: Ducati-lenses were shot. These are standard OEM Black Iridiums. Sale...
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    Sold  Jupiter - Ducati/Nicky Hayden Edition

    Another pair that just gets no wear time. Glasses are in excellent condition. Right lens does appear to have an small dot/imperfection. Left lens has a small mark at the top. Neither seems to affect vision. Glasses will come with Ducati microfiber bag. Looking for $85 shipped.
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    Sold  XS Ducati Kit

    Selling a new set of XS Ducati red earsocks with red TShoxs and nosebombs $OLD shipped CONUS
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    Sold  New Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium + RX X-Metal Soft Vault and rare cardboard box

    I have a X-Metal Ducati Juliet for sale. The serialized frame was worn two or three times with RX lenses. Lenses were built back to the original Ducati etched Black Iridium lenses which were never used - so they are new! Nosebridge is tight! Package includes replacement rubbers, coin, bag and...
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    Buying  WTB: Straight Jacket 2.0 Dark Gray + Silver + Pearl (2007 era)

    Hey friends. I can replace lenses and rubber, but I'd like the frame in very good condition. Buying the following: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Dark Gray Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Pearl: Straight Jacket 2.0 / 2007 Silver-FMJ Please keep your eyes open friends.... @zcrxsi @scrodo...
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    Sold  New Straight Jacket II Dark Grey - Ducati/Casey Stoner “FRAME ONLY”

    Hello OFamily for sale this New Straight Jacket II Dark Grey - Ducati/Casey Stoner frame with rubbers, is used but in very good condition, the paint has some defects but it is on the inside as seen in the photos and it is not appreciated when you are wearing them, the rubbers are very good...
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    Sold  New Straight Jacket (1999) Matte Black w/ Gold Lenses

    Gascan Tin Tin - Light scratches on the polished finish, mostly on the inner ear stems. 3D lenses in good condition. There is a tear on the box where the tab is. $65 *** (SOLD) *** New Straight Jacket (1999) I don’t see any marks on the frame or lenses. Rubbers have plenty of life left, not...
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    Sold  Gascan Ducati Dark Grey w/ Grey lenses “Sete15”

    Hello Ofamily for sale this Gascan Ducati dark Grey frame with grey lenses, sete 15 edition in like new condition, comes with the Ducati microbag. SKU: 12-713 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Price: $145 $135 the glasses + $35 for the fees and shipping. $170 #SOLD allin in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping...
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    Sold  Ducati Jupiter, Hayden Oil Rig, Pit Boss 2

    Selling some O-Matter Ducati Jupiter - Box has creases, shiny spot on inner left ear stem, small blemish on left lens near Ducati Etching. Glasses, Ducati Microfiber bag, and box. $old Nicky Hayden Oil Rig 1 - Beater frame. Scratches on frame and lenses. Glasses and Nicky Hayden Microfiber...
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    For Sale  Ducati Juliet XMetal

    OkSelling a Ducati Xm Juliet Lenses good , OEM not etched Frame decent as seen in pictures Nosebridge is tight Red Jordan OEM rubbers Comes with regular microfiber cloth and generic box Based price on regular xm Juliets and sold Ducati xm Juliets. Been away from the forum. Hopefully price is...
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati 04-159

    Juliet Ducati 04-159 Frame in good condition. paint loss in some areas. (to see photos) needs tuning. Includes a completely new rubber set, currency papers, Ducati microfiber bag. (Does not include the lenses.) If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will...
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    Sold  Monster Dog DUCATI Polished Black / Grey #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale Monster Dog Ducati polished black with black Iridium, used a few times, they are in very good condition, the lenses do not have any scratches or defect they are like new, come with a ducati box and microbag. Frame 8/10 Lenses 9/10 Box 8/10 Price: $130 for the glasses + $35...
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    DUCATI MONSTER DOG real or fake

    Hello, may I ask a question? I bought a DUCATI Monster DOG on Ebay. (80€) Now I am wondering if these are original? What I miss is the SKU and the name „MONSTER DOG„ on the arm. My other Monster Dogs do have „MONSTER DOG „ written on the arm..... Thanks a lot in advance. Matthias
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    Sold  Valve ( Ducati Corse ) Dark Grey - Red w/ black iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this Valve Ducati in very good condition, the frame is perfect, the paint is not peeled and the lenses are like new see the pics, come with the Ducati microbag, I have cleaned and disinfected them completely. SKU: 12-638 Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Price: $115 the glasses...
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    What is a rough value of Ducati Juliet?

    I have a pair of the Oakley Ducati Juliet glasses. They were bought from a national retailer in early to mid 2005. The bridge is "loose", the lenses are scratched (ex-gf put them in her purse, with change at the bottom), the earsocks are "useable" but I would assume you would want them to be...
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    For Sale  X-Metal Collection Sale Jordan Romeo, Jordan Mars, XX, Juliets, X Squared, Ducati, etc.

    Up for sale is several pairs of X-Metals: Romeo 1 X-Metal with Original Black Lenses. Great condition 9/10 $750 Jordan Romeo 1 Low Serial with Original Lenses in Great Condition 9/10 SOLD Mars X-metal with OEM lenses in like new condition 9/10 SOLD Jordan Mars Only displayed with original...
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    Sold  Juliet Ducati X Metal (Only Frame)

    Juliet Ducati XM Frame in good condition, some slight scratches, rubbers in regular condition. The nasal bridge needs tuning If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 220 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
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    Sold  DUCATI Monster Dog

    Used Ducati Monster Dog. Some scratches on the frame (showed in the pictures) and the lenses show some delamination and a hairline scratch on the right lens, these details won't affect the vision. Only Microfiber bag included. I tried to show the imperfections in the pictures, please check...
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    Sold  price drop 550$ x squared ducati + box and coins paper + extra

    Sadly i have to sell my cleanest frame bought it years ago at the montreal oakley headquarters. barely worn . They are in perfect condition, no mark what so ever on the lens or the frame. the rubber are brand new., the box got a couples of ding but nothing big the extra are a -set of prizm road...
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    Sold  Fives Squared DUCATI Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized

    Hello OF for sale this used ducati edition five squared matte black frame with black iridium lenses, in very good condition, the lenses have low sign of wear see the pics, nothing disturb the vision, came with bag only. SKU: 24-191 Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10 price:$95 allin #SOLD Paypal g&s (...
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    Sold  Monster Dog

    Monster Dog Crystal Black Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.0 / 10 (to see photos) Monster Dog Ducati Frame in good condition No bumps or lost paint. lenses with some slight scratches 8.5 / 10 (to see photos) Please, if you have any questions...
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    Sold  Juliet ducati carbon w/ black iridium

    Hello Of for sale a used Juliet ducati carbon frame with black iridium lenses, in good condition le left lenses have scratchers I think still good for wear, the frame dont have scrachers still very good, the nose bridge strong like the first day, came with the ducati microbag , is 4gen. Frame...
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    Sold  Scalpel Ducati Stoner27 - Polished Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale Scalpel Polished Black with Black Iridium lenses in used condition, the lenses have signs of wear but they are fine to continue using it, the rubbers and frame still in very good condition, red icons like new, came with the ducati microbag. Signature: Ducati Casey Stoner27...
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    Deal  XS Polished Frame w/ Ducati earsocks

    Selling this beautiful X-Squared Polished Frame SKU 006011-05 in mint condition. Earstems and nose bridge are tight. Comes with orbital screws, gaskets, temple shox, nose bombs and Ducati earsocks in new condition. No box or coin, Microfiber bag only I'll trow in a set of XS Ducati lenses but...
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    Sold  PB1 Ducati

    PB1 Ducati (Complete) Complete with boxes and papers. The frame is in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. the lenses are in very good condition, with some superficial scratches 9.8/10 boxes in good condition. Price $ 1035 Free shipping in the USA UU Pay by Paypal
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    Sold  Like new Straight Jacket II, New Ducati Limited Edition Dark Grey w/ Black Iridium “Stoner27”

    hello Of for sale a like new straits jacketII new ducati stoner edition dark grey frame with black iridium lenses, all is perfect and came with normal bag, don’t have any defect and never use, don’t have any scratchers or defect, frame lenses and rubbers perfect. Lense 9,9/10 Frame 9,9/10...
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    Sold  Juliet ducati 1st gen complete oem frame with free used lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale a Ducati Xmetal 1st gen continuation serial frame is used but very good condition, nose bridge is strong from factory 9/10 I install new nose pads and red shocks, I put free lenses in the deal I can send with it installed or separately, have all oem. Serial DUCATI008122...