1. SolarOracle

    For Sale BNIB X-Metal Wire Vault $75 OBO

    Small Vault Fits A Wire, A Wire 2.0, C Wire, E Wire 2.1, Half Wire, Halfpint, Haylon, Square Wire, Square Wire 2.0, T Wire, T Wire 2.0, Teaspoon or XS Fives Very nice Display Piece / All Original $60 Shipped CONUS
  2. Fernando

    For Sale E Wire (Gen 1) Dark / Black Iridium

    Hello All for sale now E Wire (Gen 1) Dark / Black Iridium in perfect condition with very low wear, sleep all the years in the tower and now want see the sun, soo looking for new home, don’t have scrachers frame or lenses, came with back case and the old grey mf bag, very difficult to get in...
  3. cacatman

    For Sale Oakley RX Bolts/Screws For FREE. You just pay shipping!!

    "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, eh?" Normally this statement is true. But NOT TODAY.* I decided to make them free as a service to the Oakley community. Fine Print *If you want the whole lot, you can have it all for $300 ONO shipped CONUSA, because I assume you will be using them to sell to...
  4. Fernando

    Sold E Wire 1.0 ligth w/ black Iridium

    Hello All for sale this awesome old school E Wire 1.0 ligth frame with black Iridium lenses, the lenses don’t have scrachers, have very low use, the frame don’t have discoloration or similar, came with mf-bag and black ballistic case. SKU: 05-500 frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10...
  5. M

    Verification of Oakley Wires

    I have a couple of pairs of Oakley's that I need to get some replacement parts for and I'm not 100% sure what generation they are and whether they are what I think they are. The oldest pair I have are from the late 90's and I believe they are E wires (first two photos w/ darker frames uploaded)...
  6. MerrimanLyon

    Identification request... if real, what are they?

    Hi folks, I'm a brand new, super newbie, member on the site, though a long time Oakley owner and wearer. Having recently thought I'd lost my long time owned sunglasses - OO Wire silver/amber with Blue Iridium lenses, which I bought in 2000 - I went on a hunt to find some replacements. I bought...