1. iluvmyx

    Ear socks questions

    Ok. Ok. Don't laugh at me, but how t.h does one get those socks on and off?! I'm tired of sending them off to be done by a pro...
  2. hereispunishment

    Half Jacket vs. Romeo 2.0 Earstem Comparison

    Can anyone post a picture of a half jacket earstem and right next to it a picture of a Romeo 2.0 earstem. I'm trying to compare the sizes of both earsocks for a future custom job I wanna do for my R2's. Or does anyone know which earsocks could work for the R2's. I was thinking of half jackets...
  3. lawman0210

    Frogskins Earstem Dimensions

    Ok I was trying to put a pair of Frogs on a stand in the back of my case when it kept falling off. I couldn't get them to stay. I then took them out and looked at them. One pair is 4.5 wide at the end and one is 3.5 inch wide. What gives?