1. V1P3R_Z029

    Oakley Penny X-Metal Ruby | FINALLY after 5 years of dreaming.

    Ultimately blessed and grateful to have acquired these absolute killer sunglasses, which was only a mere fantasy for me to just see one i.r.l (let alone OWN it.) Acquired them on eBay for $850 (unserialized....) Might have gone overboard for these, but I was unaware of Oakley Forum trading...
  2. T

    Ebay advice, flak jacket

    Hi guys, I’m fairly new to Oakley gear and was looking to pick up my first pair of glasses But need some help authenticating this pair I found on eBay of the flak jacket for around 140 usd. What should I be looking out for? Thanks Oakley Custom Polarized Flak Jacket Team Navy Gold Iridium...
  3. MR2000

    Buying on Oakley Forum basics.

    Well, people. I'm ready to start to trade here. I'll start buying a couple things I've identified. Well, I'm almost ready. First, I have you ask for your tips about buying in this place. I'll use my pay-pal account. I've always used it when buying on ebay, so I've never had to go to solve any...
  4. CaptureHW.PNG


  5. A

    Are these fake or authentic?

    How can I know if a pair is fake or legit? I ran into this item on ebay (Oakley WHISKER SUNGLASSES SATIN BLACK / PRIZM BLACK POLARIZED OO4141-0360 | eBay) All looks good (barcode, model number on handles, compared with similar ones my brother has), on the other hand, the price is low (150 vs...
  6. user708

    lens with insert for jawbreaker

    Hi, this is my first post! I just ordered a pair of Oakley jawbreakers with prism road lenses for cycling. I was also wondering if there were some lenses I could get with an empty insert so that I could put in a standard fit sense for blue light filter, or orange tint etc.. I was also curious if...
  7. Brian24Xmetal

    Tons of Fakes on eBay

    There are a ton of fake X-Metals on eBay for around $40. They claim to be a metal alloy and look exactly like the real thing and they call them “X-Metal Romeo, Juliette, Penny, etc.” there is no mention of Oakley in any of the listings. I will say if the real thing is what the photos are taken...
  8. B

    Oakley Blades Earpieces

    Hey guys, Just found this listing for a vintage Earpiece Kit, if anyone is interested? Have always found them rare to see. Seems pretty unusual that it’s unopened, as well. OAKLEY VINTAGE COMPLETE EARPIECE KIT - CRYSTAL RED, NEW AND UNUSED | eBay
  9. 702baby

    Minute Machine on EBay

    Is this legit? I'm not buying it but it sure looks weird to me.
  10. WraithEye

    To my amazement . . .

    My story started in 1997 when I graduated from high school. I bought a Romeo set as a gift to myself. I had a set of Frogskins before, but fell in love with the metal Romeos. Then they were stolen out of my desk at work. So I graduated college with an Associates Degree in 1999 and did the...
  11. FloridaMan

    My son wants my original Oakley t-wires

    I have come here to do more research and find a pair for him (2016 HS grad gift). I have owned mine for more than 20 years (first gen). I have been watching e-bay and it's just hard for me to tell real from fake, because everthing looks slightly different from mine - due to camera angles and...
  12. Sir Rossi

    Am I playing this Ebay situation right?

    Okay so if any of yo remember, I was offering up a pair of my Hologram Foamposites on the forum here. No one was biting, so I threw it up on Ebay. Buy it now 350, Starting Bid 260. Bidding is at 275 right now, and I get a PM from someone looking to buy them outright. through texting, I tell him...
  13. Vman41

    Disappointing Juliet purchase...

    Finally scored a pair of Juliets on eBay to replace my lost pair! I thought I was getting a pretty good deal on them. They weren't perfect, but I wasn't looking for perfection. The listing said there was a "little play" in the bridge, but that's pretty common so I wasn't worried. However...
  14. Sun & Sand

    Size 11 Shoe One low tops on eBay

    A seller on eBay, us-treasurehunter, has two pairs of size 11 Shoe One low tops currently listed with a Buy It Now price of $200. This seller has sold 8 similar pairs in the last year or so, always with no box or paperwork. I just wanted to point out one detail about these shoes: the uppers are...
  15. Vman41

    eBay lenses

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and recently just found out about it. A few months ago I lost my pair of Juliets and I've been trying to find a decent pair of used ones or maybe piece together/fix up one. Anyways, I've been looking on eBay and there are lots of listings claiming to be legit Oakley...
  16. OakleyBoss

    Oakley Over the Top (OTT) w/ Black Iridium

    Not a bad deal on these Over the Tops (OTT's) on eBay. $375 but from the description they do not come with the box. Regardless if you're interested in the pair, this is on the lower end of scoring one. RARE! Oakley Over The Tops OTT Silver Frames Black Iridium Lenses, Sunglasses...
  17. Aarron

    Oakley Bunker for sale on ebay for you hardcore collectors

    Oakley display rare x-metal HQ Bunker No 212/500 BNWT FREE P+P £275
  18. bean323

    What a deal... gotta love ebay

    lol.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/X-Metal-X-Squared-Style-Designer-Sunglasses-Xmetal-/272011165964?hash=item3f5521010c:g:q58AAOSw14xWF6wM only 50 dollars!!! and 75 bucks to ship.. how can you lose??
  19. bean323

    Romeo - frames only Ebay

    so since i just got into Metals. (thanks for bringing me to the dark side) i was watching this ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231702846268?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ended selling at 457.0 then the next day...
  20. D

    EBay Deal: $50 eBay Gift Card for $45 (Free $5)

    Hey guys, So i know we all make eBay purchases from time to time to snag deals on awesome Oakley collectibles. Here is a link to purchase a gift card to eBay for $50 worth of merch for only $45 shipped. Easy way to save even more on top of the ridiculously great deal you snagged already! See...
  21. i am rich

    For you Ichiro fans

    Ichiro Suzuki Autographed Oakley Radar Signature Series Sunglasses IS Holo #/51 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MOU5FO0/?tag=oakleyforum04-20
  22. xmetalmaniac

    Do get caught up in bidding, research!!!!

    I watched this pair since it was listed on eBay 271726264387. I wonder if the seller realized that these sell for $300 mint and ready to wear from eyeframesman. I mean did you do your home work? Nope. My best observation is do your homework and research. Dont bid in hast and then realize...
  23. I

    $18,000 Oakleys

    New RARE Oakley 123 250 C Six Carbon Fiber Tungsten IRID Polarized OO4047 02 | eBay BOOM and they're ugly buy them for me.
  24. time2fly

    $1000 on eBay - What Oakley's do you buy?

    Just a fun hypothetical. You get $1000 to spend on eBay Oakley(s). What do you buy? Post up some links! I'll go first: These EyeShades: Oakley Eyeshade STPL Limited Edition Tennis Ball Staple Design | eBay And probably some classic Mars: Authentic New Oakley x Metal Xmetal Mars | eBay Plus I...
  25. VincentR

    Is this Fake?

    I been wanting a old school Frogskin and I found this. RARE Vintage Oakley Frogskins Black 1st Gen 80's Sunglasses Japan Dont Miss | eBay Can someone let me know if this is legit or not?
  26. teddy57

    Fake Revert 95's on the Bay?

    Wasn't looking for a pair of Revert 95's, but I saw this pair on eBay. Price aside, the Revert logo just doesn't look right (too much space between Revert and 95), box doesn't appear to have the correct model/sku information, and it only comes with a std bag? Oh, and the lenses are polarized...
  27. ericforman

    Moda3 on eBay

    Just a word to the wise, I would try to avoid them.
  28. Belfry

    Just Done Either Best Or Worst Thing!!!

    Just bought some atmos frogs off the bay......only as a second choice to moda3 (but atmos were on my list) But I'm intending to put black irridium in them ...... Will you hardcore guys shun me to the other village????????
  29. STavros

    Now You Think Batwolfs Are Cheap?

    :lolsign::lolsign::lolsign: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oakley-Carbon-Fiber-Sunglasses-Polarized-Prototype-Never-Released-1-Of-1-Batwolf-/111467179031?pt=US_Sunglasses&hash=item19f3f62c17
  30. Tommy_DTA

    Legit Samples?

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/201140717975?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE Think they are legit ? Sample colorway that never hit shelves apparently