1. U

    Buying  Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic

    Looking for the Jawbone VR50 Ruby Photochromic lens set, to either purchase or trade for. The lens on it's own would be great, but a pair of Echelon or other colorway with the lenses would work as well. Thanks
  2. Hitech Vojtech

    Echelon Jawbone ruby lens color?

    Hi guys I guess I am going to win a prize for the most Fire looking Ruby lenses of all the echelons ever produced :-/ Is it normal,or am I just unlucky? :D First I thought the owner swapped the lenses for fire,but they are real VR50 ruby trans. lenses,they got the solfx logo on lens and even...
  3. U

    Trading  Juliet/penny for LNIB echelon jawbone.

    I really want a complete Echelon matte carbon fiber jaw bone...I would be willing to trade one pair of Juliets OR one pair Pennys, Here's wheat I'm willing to sacrifice... Titanium / Ruby Penny. These are my favorite pair of Pennys to wear. I custom cut the lenses from Gascan S lenses via...