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    Sold  OTT FMJ+ / Emerald

    Hello OF, I have for your consideration today, a beautiful FMJ OverTheTop with Emerald Iridium. This pair comes complete with box, micro bag cover for the orbitals, and paperwork. Condition is as follows: Frame: 9.5/10 I don’t see any issues with the frame, I marked appropriately incase I...
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    Sold  Half X Emerald Lenses

    New old Stock Half X Emerald Lenses SKU 16-885 $OLD Shipped CONUS
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    Sold  XS Emerald Lenses

    Selling these OEM XS Emerald lenses Mint condition overall with light mounting marks $OLD Shipped CONUS
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    Sold  Emerald Juliet lenses

    Selling a new pair of Emerald Juliet lenses. The box is not the original. Was recently going through some stuff and found these tucked away. $100 shipped.
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    Traded  Emerald OTT

    Looking for R1, Mars, XX in that order. Flexible on condition and of course I can always add cash to make the trade even-ish. PM me what you got. Overall finish is great, lenses have a couple pin point marks on the outside (hard to capture), pads are intact but dusty of course.
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    Sold  3 sets of oem Juliet emerald rubbers

    One set left Set one complete like new 100.00 1 set of socks 1 set of 15 shocks 1 set of 25 shocks 1 set of large nose bombs 1 set of small nose bombs Set two same as set one but both socks say made in the USA $old Set 3 used & little sticky but not bad $old 1 set of socks 1 set of 15...
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    Trading  Romeo Emerald Polarized lenses

    I have a mint set of Romeo Emerald Polarized lenses with OEM base curve. I'm looking to trade for a set of Blue OO or Emerald Slate Ichiro lenses in the same condition. I can add cash to the deal PM me for details Thanks J
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    Sold  X3 Juliet’s

    Hello Of for sale this 3 juliets, everything is in perfect condition and with the tune-up service done in all 3 pairs, comes with microbag. - Plasma / Emerald 4rd gen SKU: 04-115 Frame 8/10 Lenses 8/10 Rubbers 9/10 Nose bridge 10/10 - Polished / Blue Iridium 1st Gen JB***** #SOLD SKU: 04-117...
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    Trading  XX Twenty - Emerald / Gold

    Trading for one of the following models in a metallic or eye catching colorway. May consider other models that are sparkly 🤩 or crystal blue, crystal black, ink black... Don't want anything with aftermarket lenses, custom cut oem is okay or without + $$. Monster Dog NSJ II Ten X (2012)...
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    Sold  Ichiro Emerald and Rootbeer kits

    Back in Stock as of 07-01-2020 I have these 4 Rubber Sets for sale OEM Brand new 2 earsocks + TShox 15 + Small Bombs or 2 earsocks + TShox 15 + Small Bombs 2 x Emerald SOLD 2 x Rootbeer SOLD Shipping CONUS Included
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    Sold  Emerald Ichiro Juliet Lenses

    This is a pair of Ichiro Juliet emerald lenses with “Ichiro 51” $OLD shipped CONUS
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    Sold  Ichiro Emerald Rubbers

    Got few spare rubbers for sale in new condition Emerald Ichiro Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Tshox 25 w/ large nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Blue Ichiro small nosebombs (2 pieces) $15 SOLD Mix of 2 large nosebombs (Blue+Emerald) SOLD Rootbeer Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4...
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    For Sale  Straight Jacket Emerald w/ Gold Iridium

    Hello Ofamily for sale a Straight Jacket Emerald with Gold Iridium lenses, is used with marks in the lenses have scratchers see the pics, does not bother the vision and you do not see them when you wear them, came with mf-bag. SKU: 04-036 - Condition: Used Frame 9/10 L lense 9,5/10 R lense...
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    Sold  XX Emerald / Gold Iridium

    Hello Of for sale a XX Emerald with Gold Iridium lenses, with very little used they are in very good condition, don’t have scratches, the rubbers still in very good condition, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 04-282 Condition: USED Frame 9,5/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9,5/10 Price $100 allin ( or...
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    Sold  Fives Algae w/ Emerald Iridium

    Hello Of for sale this fives algae with emerald Iridium lenses have been used only a couple of times, the rest of the time has been exposed in the showcase, is in an excellent state, out scratchers, came with mf-bag, box (box is for algae with gold) and papers. SKU: 03-120 Condition: used...
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    Sold  Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate

    For your consideration is a Mint Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Lens: Few light marks but barely visible 9/10 Frame: 9.5/10 Emerald Ichiro rubber kit is new Nose bridge is tight and foam in excellent condition No Serial number / US Version Comes box and coin and microfiber bag...
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    Found  Emerald Slate Ichiro lenses for Juliet

    Looking for a set in mint or new condition with « Ichiro 51 » etching PM me if you have one set for sale Thanks
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    Sold  Emerald + Rootbeer rubber Kits $45 Each

    2 Kits for sale in new condition / Unworn Juliet Emerald and Rootbeer rubber Kits 6 Pieces each kit 2 Tshox "25" 2 Nosebombs "Large" 2 Earsocks (Made in USA and CE) Rootbeer $OLD Emerald Ichiro $OLD G&S Shipped CONUS
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    For Sale  Ichiro Emerald Tshox and nosebombs

    Selling extra sets of 2 Tshox and 2 nosebombs = 4 pieces You can choose the size you need between 15 Tshox or 25 Tshox and Large or small nosebombs All sets are brand new / never worn $35 $30 per set Shipped CONUS
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    Sold  Ichiro Emerald Slate lenses w/ Emerald Ichiro Rubbers

    Ichiro Emerald Slate lenses w/ Emerald Ichiro Rubbers Lenses are new / Laser Etched "Ichiro 51" Rubbers are like new / never worn / only displayed Temple Shocks Size 15 w/ Small Nose bombs Asking $140 for lenses and $65 for rubbers $180 for both Shipped CONUS PAYPAL G&S
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    Sold  Custom Juliet Plasma Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Ichiro 51

    1st Option Custom Juliet Plasma Ichiro w/ Emerald Slate Ichiro 51 SKU: 04-150 / No Serial Frame: Plasma 9.5/10 Lens : Emerald Slate Ichiro 10/10 New Rubbers : Emerald Green "Made in USA" and "CE" 10/10 New Comes with Oakley Microfiber Bag $400 Shipped CONUS 2nd Option Juliet...
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    Found  Emerald Ichiro earsocks

    Like the title says, I'm looking to buy a pair of the emerald Ichiro earsocks to complete my replicas. I was fortunate enough to get the nose bombs and T-shocks but I'm missing the last piece. Let me know if you have a set available! FOUND FOUND FOUND FOUND FOUND
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    Sold  Juliet Emerald Lenses OEM

    Up for your consideration is a mint set of emerald lenses. Light casting marks around the edges. OEM lenses non custom cut No scratches or marks 9.8/10 Asking $75 Shipped CONUS PayPal G&S Thanks for looking!
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    Sold  Juliet emerald lenses

    Gently use, minor marks that I can’t even get on camera, and some mounting marks from the removal of the lenses. Nothing that impairs vision. $55 shipped within the US.
  25. SolarOracle

    Some of my favorite X-Metal

    Three of my favorite pieces in my collection! For me they are a staple for any X-Metal collection, I like the color combo. Custom XX TIO2 w/ 24k Custom Romeo 1 X-Metal w/ Violet Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Ichiro
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    Sold  Romeo 1 Custom Cut Emerald Iridium Lenses

    Oakley Romeo 1 custom cut Emerald Iridium lenses by the legendary @Chris A Hardaway Condition: 9.8/10 Have been mounted on and used just twice. No scratches, spider cracks and no blemishes/marks on the lenses. For full disclaimer, only very very minimal mounting marks that cannot be seen after...
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    Sold  Emerald/Juliet complete

    Very nice complete Juliet . I used this one but babied it the whole time. Asking 350$ firm plus shipping. Nose is comfortably loosened up. Lenses are 9/10 no issues and good emerald color. Comes with original extra rubbers that never needed to be used.(4th gen. No serial or sku)
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    Sold  XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers

    XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers Lenses have been mounted on frame and lightly used, but extremely well taken care of. I can't see any scratches, so I will say 9.5/10, but that's always subjective to each person's opinion. Nothing can be seen when wearing them Please enjoy the pictures...
  29. SolarOracle

    Emerald Slate Lenses / Difference between tints

    I have a set of Polished Ichiro and 2 sets of Emerald Slate Lenses! I was wondering wich sets is the rarest ? I installed 1 lens of both sets.. The left lens seems to have a darker tint while the right one, the color changes from yellow to green ? Any suggestions.. I want to keep only 1 set...
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