1. ewalker78912

    Atomic Orange Fingerprint

    Does anyone know the rarity of an atomic orange/fingerprint sliver or enduro? I am not sure which years they were manufactured.
  2. U

    For Sale Enduro Fingerprint Polished White / Grey

    Hello for sale this awesome enduro fingerprint polished white frame with grey lenses in perfect condition, no scratches, comes with the microbag. SKU: OO9223-21 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Price: $115 allin in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance ). Thanks.
  3. U

    Sold Enduro 30L 2.0 Backpack Brand New

    Guys, I have a brand new Enduro 30L 2.0 backpack for sale. I bought it new and honestly may have used it one time. It's flawless. I work from home and don't travel often, so it gets no use. I hate to see it go because it's a very cool pattern but I don't use it at all. Want it to go to...
  4. U

    Sold GONE

  5. B

    Finger Print Enduro

    My dad has been wanting these since they came out. Finally got them at a decent price. BNIB at our local Ross for $35. Couldn’t pass them up for that price. Took the sticker off them for the picture. I know my dad will love them. He will just have to wait until a Christmas though. He also may be...
  6. QLR1

    2016 Black Friday deals

    Get your bargains... Oakley Black Friday Delas Collection For Men | Oakley Store Some boring stuff, but the M2 Frame XL is a steal at $40 Oakley M2 Frame XL in ATOMIC ORANGE / GRAY | Oakley Sliver F starting st $65 Oakley Sliver Foldable Polarized in MATTE GRAY INK / VIOLET IRIDIUM...
  7. U

    Trading Trade for Jupiter squared lenses ...Oakley Enduro need to sell. Asap . Sepia with blue lenses

    1. Enduro fingerprint sky blue with grey lenses $45.00 2. Enduro sepia with sapphire irridium blue lenses $45.0 So i bought too many Oakleys last trip to the vault need tobthin out collection. Have up for sale new in box one blue fingerprint Enduro they have grey lenses. I had them switched out...
  8. 92subzero

    Oakley Polarized Enduros $56.99 on Shnoop.com

  9. J

    Which case for Enduros?

    Hey I just bought a pair of Shaun White Enduros and need to buy a case. Can anyone vouch for a particular one that fits the Enduros nicely?
  10. joscejrod

    Warm grey vs dark grey lenses

    Hello, could anyone that has tried warm grey and dark grey comparing both? I'm decidind between enduro 9223-08 and sliver 9262-03. Thanks a lot!