ev zero

  1. U

    Buying Trifecta Fade EV Zero Blades...Tour de France

    Looking for a pair of these...
  2. U

    Sold Lot Kokoro $650

    Lot Kokoro They are brand new. They were taken out of the boxes and kept for display. Flight Jacket Sutro EV zero Jawbreaker Radar Ev Path Flak 2.0 Price Lot $ 7̶2̶0̶ $650 Free shipping by DHL express. Pay by Paypal
  3. 1alembic

    EV Zero Regular v. Asia fit

    Could anyone describe the difference between Regular fit and Asia fit EVZeros? Thank you in advance.
  4. U

    For Sale Selling Majority of Collection 2 (updated prices)

    I am adding more glasses to the marketplace to sell. I want to get rid of these glasses. I am going to include the prices shipped and will only ship CONUS. If you want more pictures, I would be more than happy to send DM you more pictures. Ferrari Carbon Blade - Sold EV Zero - Satin Black...
  5. U

    Sold EV Zero Path - Planet X / + Red Iridium LNIB

    Worn five times, still perfect. Planet X Frame and Positive Red Iridium Lens. Matching MF bag, extra nosepiece, paperwork and soft vault. Price SOLD delivered US. PM for outside US please, and thanks for looking!
  6. Lars

    Ev Zero custom

    Who is exited about the Ev Zero being added to custom? I think I have to order me a pair with chrome iridium lens. Maybe white with violet lens, so many options. I altso saw they added the new camo frames in the Fuel cell. What are you guys exited about wit this custom addition?
  7. Shade Station

    New Collection now available at Shade Station!

    Hi everyone, The new collection of Oakley sunglasses are now available at http://www.shadestation.co.uk/Oakley-Sunglasses.html. This includes EVZero, Latch SQ, Turbine Rotor, Sliver XL and Sliver R. Here a few campaigns of the new models you may be interested in: Latch SQ...
  8. M

    Oakley EV ZERO

    Oakley is releasing new EV Zero Sunglasses as part of their Golf Collection! Found this here: THE 2016 OAKLEY GOLF COLLECTION Pictured Below: Oakley EV Zero Path Matte Grey w/ Prizm Golf Lenses