1. rml0015

    EVzero Blades Recurring Lense Issue

    Hey guys and gals, I decided to buy the evzero blade on Oakley's web store. After wearing i really lime this style. They fit great under a helmet for cycling. Anyways, I am on my second set straight from Oakley with a weird issue within the lense. They have a defect where they throw a glare...
  2. 1alembic

    EV Zero Regular v. Asia fit

    Could anyone describe the difference between Regular fit and Asia fit EVZeros? Thank you in advance.
  3. Jerome

    Oakley EVZero Blades Sunglasses | Review

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  4. MicahS

    I had some spare time today so I made this

    Don't ask me why. I'm not sure myself but I was bored I guess. If you watch it on the youtube site I have timestamps for the different models
  5. S

    Prizm lenses for running and mountain hiking?

    Hi everyone! I want to buy Oakley sports sunglasses to use both for city running and mountain hiking (and eventually road biking). I am set on the EvZero Stride frame but can't decide on the lenses: at first I was going for the Prizm Road but now I'm doubtful that the 20% vlt might be too high...
  6. S

    EVzero stride or Path

    Which one of these two of the evzero line is best for cycling?
  7. S

    EVZero lens change

    Is there any way to replace the lenses on evzero? I tried to remove the stems but it is very tight. Is there any proper way to do it?
  8. S


    How does evzero stride compare to other sport models like jawbreaker, radar ev in terms of fit, visibility, comfort and also looks?
  9. S

    Oakley Prizm Baseball Infield or Outfield?

    So i finally decided to get a prizm baseball lens but what would be an ideal choice between prizm baseball infield and outfield.. I do heavy sports.. Specially i play a lot of cricket... Prizm baseball(i mean prizm field) is available with many sport models like evzero, radar ev, radarlocks but...
  10. S

    Trillbe vs EVzero Stride

    Which is taller - Trillbe or EVzero Stride?
  11. U

    Sold BNIB Custom EVZero Pitch

    For sale is a pair of Zero's made with another pair (professional switched arms on two brand new pair, at the dealer). Price is $sold delivered in US. Everything on these is brand new and unused. Frame: Polished White SKU: OO9410-0338 Icon: Blue Lens: Jade Iridium SKU: OO9383-0338 Style...
  12. U

    For Sale bnib EVZero Pitch - Pol Blk / Daily Prizm- drop

    For sale is a bnib pair of EVZero Pitch. One thing I love about these is that they are super light. Price is now $105 (retail $200) delivered US. Outside US please PM. Arms: Polished Black Icons: Silver Lens: Daily Prizm Polarized (14% light trans., increased contrast) Includes: Original...
  13. S

    EVZero Pitch

    Are evzero pitch asian fit smaller than standard evzero pitch?
  14. S

    Prizm Snow

    Happy new year everyone. This is my First Thread in 2017.So, I just recently found out about new prizm snow lenses..and it is also available in evzero path.. As i don't have any evzero..i really want to buy one..can any one tell me what it's light transmission percentage and how's their...
  15. S

    Black , Jade or Sapphire

    I want to buy a pair of new evzero pitches ...want a standard colour lens..between black iridium,Jade iridium and Sapphire Iridium what would be the best lens for everyday use?
  16. Shade Station

    Manchester Spin Bike Show: Oakley Sunglasses

    Hi all, Hope everyone's been enjoying the sun in the UK and wherever you are in the world! This weekend we showcased our Oakley sunglasses stand at Spin Manchester Bike Show, EVZero was very popular! Here's how we got on...