eye jacket 2.0

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    Sold Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ+

    Here is for sale Oakley Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ+ with black iridium lenses. Right nose piece missing. Price: 80 USD shipped
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    Sold Eye Jacket 2.0 Cannon Red / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this awesome eye jacket 2.0 cannon red frame with black lenses, they are used but in perfect condition, the paint is perfect, the left lens is also perfect, the right one has two marks of use that can be seen in the photos, it is very little and when you have them on they are...
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    Sold Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ+ / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello Of for sale this Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ+ With Black Iridium lenses, They are used but in good condition and the paint is perfect less on the inside of the end of the temples, from use the paint is peeled see photos, under the right orbital it has a small point that can also be seen in the...
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    Sold Eye jacket 2.0 cannon red w/ black iridium “BOX ONLY”

    Hello Of I have this box with the warranty papers in very good condition, perfect to complete your set, or for box collectors. Box 9/10 Price $40 #SOLD allin (or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ). Thanks for look.
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    Sold Like new Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ+ w/ black iridium lenses

    Hello OF for sale this old eye jacket 2.0 in like new condition is a fmj+ frame with black iridium lenses, never used and don’t have defect or scratchers, came with bag only. SKU: 04-351 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price 180 drop to 160 allin OBO Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping...
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    Buying Eye Jacket 2.0

    Looking for eye jacket 2.0. Specially after fmj+ or metallic black but any colour combination will work.
  7. S

    Plate vs Eye Jacket 2.0

    Which one is more comfortable? Which one fits the face better? I had chance to get these before, never gave them enough attention, now shifting my attention from radars to these. Now I got a chance to get these. Also let me know how does it feel wearing these frames. Thanks.
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    Buying Eye Jacket 2.0 nose bombs

    Like the title states looking for Eye Jacket 2.0 nose bombs small or normal size, hit me up if you have any you would be willing to part with. Thanks
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    Sold lot at $ 55

    lot at $ 55 Flak jacket is New Price for each $ 55 Pay with Paypal Shipping to the United States $ 5
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    Sold 2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black

    2 Frames Eye Jacket 2.0, Black Chrome, Metallic black. Frames in excellent condition, rubber in good condition. Price $ 110 Free shipping to the United States Pay by Paypal
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    Buying Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ

    Looking for eye jacket 2.0 fmj. If anyone has for sell, please send me a message. Thank you.
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    Buying Eye Jacket 2.0 cannon red

    Looking for an eye jacket 2.0 cannon red.. If anyone has for sell, please send me a message.
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    Sold Eye Jacket 2.0 Fire

    Eye Jacket 2.0 The frame is in good condition 9/10 The lenses with some scratches 7/10 Price $ 90 Pay by Paypal Sent free to United States
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    Sold LNIB eye jacket 2.0 metallic black w/ black iridium SKU: 04-354

    Hello OFamily I decided to put for sale one of my eye jacket 2.0 Metallic black w/ black iridium, in like new condition and complete, I use only put for take a selfies and the rest of the time display in the tower, is complete with paper, bag and the glasses lollll :) , i go to put best pics...
  15. gladiolas

    Which Oakleys to buy? Eye Jacket 2.0 fan

    PLEASE HELP my husband! He is a huge Oakley fan from his teen years and has been wearing his Eye Jacket 2.0's (black) even though the lenses have issues and the ear pieces have cracked. He loves his glasses and how form fitting they are to his face. He knows he needs to move on and get new...
  16. Jacob Carstens

    A few Cannon Reds..

    Thanks for the trade @Yasargil ..
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    For Sale More, more and more... 17 frames for sale.

    Hello family, I need to make space in the room for new purchases, I put on sale a part of my collection, bnib and bnob, price in g&s in paypal, shipping included. BNIB: 1) New Eye Jacket Electric Mustard w/ Black Iridium - sku#04-305 - $160 #SOLD 2) New Eye Jacket Pearl w/ Black Iridium -...