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    Sold  Eyepatch TLD

    Selling my Eyeptach Troy Lee Design, used. Frame: used, some slight scratches, but in good shape overall. Lenses: New Fuse + the oem lens (1 lens only) with the "TLD" etching, used with some scratches, not bad at all. $199 shipped
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    Sold  EyePatch Brown Sugar

    EyePatch Brown Sugar Frame in excellent condition. No bumps, scratches or lost paint. scratched lenses in regular condition 7.5/10 (to see photos) Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 110 Pay by Paypal Free...
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    Sold  Todd Francis EyePatch

    Used Todd Francis Eyepatch One bird Complete in box Box in good shape, just a small fix with tape. Frame 8/10 (there are some light scratches) Lenses 10/10 (Authentic Oakley OEM replacement Lenses) Price USD $280 $200 + Shipping ($60 worldwide)
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    For Sale  Eyepatch 2 Lenses

    Came across a couple of these - I have 2 of each. All new in box. Ice - $75 USD shipped Fire - $75 USD shipped Black Iridium Polar - $100 shipped
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    For Sale  Todd Francis Eyepatch bnib lower price

    Complete set 2 birds shiny and new.box label has smudges rest mint. Looking to sell for 225$ -> 215$ Sold !plus shipping. Thanks for checking! Willing to trade for x-metal or a watch.
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    For Sale  Eyepatch Todd Francis 1 Bird

    Todd Francis Eyepatch One bird Complete in box Frame is 8/10 (lose arms and some light marks) Lenses 10/10 (Authentic Oakley OEM replacement Lenses) Also included are the old lenses, but they are far from perfect. Price USD $280 Shipped
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    Buying  Eyepatch 1 stretchline..

    I gotta find one. I dont care what color just want one for my cabinet. Looking to spend around 150ish
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    Looking to buy Todd Francis eye patch.... 1 bird / 2 bird either or. Please be reasonable, and condition will reflect price I will pay. Let me know what you got....
  9. karimo

    EyePatch Todd Francis edition

    I've Just got this nice pair of Todd Francis EyePatch, used, very used, but boxed and it included it's original Todd Francis Pouch bag. It looks really good next to my love & hate TLD fuel cell. The bad thing is that there is a design defect, the edge of the arm touches the lens leaving an ugly...
  10. paopaopao

    Hello from Manila PH

    Hello Everyone. Been an O fan since '05. Juliet, Crosshair, and Fuel Cell are my Oakleys right now. Currently searching for Oakley Eyepatch 1. Hope someone can reply back. :) Thanks!
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    Buying  Looking for Todd Francis Eyepatch

    I am looking for a pair of Todd Francis Eyepatch, new or in good condition with box and bag. If you have a pair that you're willing to part with let me know how much you want. Thanks!
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    For Sale  Oakley Collection

    PRICE DROP- Need the CASH! Well it's time to get rid of my collection. Here is the list of what I have and what I am trying to get for them. All prices include standard shipping via UPS ground- tracking will be included. US shipping included. Any other locations are an additional fee. The...