1. U

    Deal  Eyeshades with original packaging

    Not sure if this is the right way to post this, but a guy on the Southern Cross Oakley group on FB has a pair of original Eyeshades with all the original packaging for what I think is about $130 USD (200 AUD. White frame, two lenses, looks pretty sweet from the pics. I really thought about...
  2. U

    Sold  Zero 0.4 squared plus Madman pewter black iridium $SOLD

    I either have to buy another Oakley display case or try to thin the collection out a bit. Gonna try the later first. I have owned these for a long time. OO6019-02 - Pewter Frame with Black Iridium polarized lenses. The Madmans are brand new in the box, never worn and mint condition. Come...
  3. U

    Sold  Eyeshade Lot Price drop

    Eyeshade Lot All are new, includes pin, sticker, microfiber bag, papers and stems. Boxes have some minor rips and dents. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible. Price Lot $̶4̶5̶0̶ $350 Free shipping by DHL express. Pay by Paypal G&S
  4. XVLG

    Foam lens on oakley eyeshade heritage

    I have a pair of eyeshade heritage and i want to stick a foam strips inside the lens like the old ones. im running a lot and i really like to run with my windjacket 2.0 because of the foam. So i Want to know if you have recommendation of foam or foam kit what ever. thank you xavier
  5. U

    Buying  WTB STPL Eyeshades

    Hey there. The thought of playingmy last season of tennis with Oakley's with tennis ball material on them just popped into my mind as the best idea ever, so I rummaged through my memory banks and retrieved the STPL eyeshades. I have no clue what they are worth, only that they are around 8 years...
  6. Sir Rossi

    F******* Finally

    Got my heritage eyeshades in the mail today. I ended up going with the seafoam frames (as opposed to blue). The box was a tad crushed, so I don't know if I should have them exchanged or not, but nothing was internally harmed. ;) Amazon also decided to raise the price by $10 right before I...
  7. Sir Rossi

    Decisions, decisions....

    Honestly its gotten to the point where I can't discern the difference between the two in a non stock picture
  8. J

    John from Berlin

    Hey all, Joined the forum as I'm on the hunt for a pair of eyeshades original or heritage. I'm an Irish guy living in Berlin. I recently got into road cycling and I quite like the Greg Lemond style to go with my steel framed Pinarello. They are also a pretty landmark pair of glasses in terms of...
  9. gameforce11

    New pick ups!

    sharing pics of some blades and shades. love the discounted prices. A good break from metals for now.
  10. theafroman

    Eyeshades are back!

    They are selling Eyeshades in Oakley Vault for $40 this week only I am exited! :D but why are they not selling the red one anymore?
  11. DOakley

    New Items in DOakley's collection

    This are some new stuff that been added to my collection since September 2014 first one is the Deviation Team USA next one is Square Wire 2006 after that is the Fives Squared MotoGP and then the London Fuel Cell (these are my first fuel cell in the collection) right after that ...
  12. D

    New Eyeshades

    Any one have any photos of the new Heritage Eyeshades releasing in the fall with the better lenses? Red/Fire specifically but others as well.