1. U

    Sold Monster Dog Brown Fade (Beater)

    Monster Dog Brown Fade (Beater) Frame with delamination in different parts. Scratched lenses (to see photos) Please if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 130 Free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  2. P

    New Oakley Turbine Sunglasses

    Hi Been reading the forum for a while and been into Oakley for a good 16 years, but only just got my first pair! Seems like a great community, so hi all Got a pair of Turbine Sapphire Fades: Oakley Turbine PRIZM Polarized Sapphire Fade Collection in Sapphire Fade / Prizm Sapphire Polarized...
  3. Red_rider134

    My new/first pair of frogskins just came in today!