fall out collection

  1. U

    Sold  BN Fuel Cell Rust Decay / Fire Iridium Polarized “Fallout Collection”

    Hello OFamily for sale this brad new complete Fuel Cell Rust Decay Fallout collection, never used. Abs don’t have defect. Asking for $400 all in ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all ).
  2. U

    Sold  LNIB Holbrook Black Fallout Collection

    Selling a LNIB Holbrook, only reason not BNIB they sat on my Oakley Display stand. They have never been worn, no scratches , dents, dings, scuff, bumps, bruises etc. Asking $100 G&S shipping CONUS included. Will not ship International sorry to my friends across the water.
  3. jk-27

    Frogskins Fall Out Collection

    The Fall Out Collection has been mentioned in other threads but I thought I'd make a Frogskins specific one: Black Decay w/ Dark Grey Bronze Decay w/ Ruby Iridium: O-Review Matte Black Tortoise w/ Dark Grey Matte Brown Tortoise w/ Fire Iridium: O-Review The Bronze Decay look pretty cool, I...