fast jacket xl

  1. U

    Sold  Fast Jacket Safehouse + Transpurple

    Neither has seen much use, primarily used for display. Would consider trading for Safe House Radar/Radarlock or Racing/Split Jacket. Safe House Pale Pink White icons Polished black quick locks Red nose bombs Powder purple socks G30 Polarized XL Lenses - light superficial scratches $120 shipped...
  2. J

    Comparable to Fast Jacket frame width

    My favorite pair of Oakley's, the Fast Jacket XL I'm trying to find a new model comparable in width but I can't seem to find anything close or an accurate Oakley specs website with updated information on new models. Thus my search has led me hear to this forum. I have a pair of Flak Draft which...
  3. U

    Sold  Fast Jacket XL G30 ~ Blk Plaid

    Black Plaid / Slate Rubbers / G30 XL Cosmetically there's light signs of wear in form of surface hairline marks, basically what can be expected from a well cared for daily use pair. In their current state they need nothing, an are ready to be enjoyed by their new owner. They will come with a...
  4. U

    Sold  Fast Jacket XL w/ OO RIP

    KVD Frame shows minor signs of wear. Black finish show some surface scuffs around the switchlock area. Center logo subtle wear to the letter K Rubbers are in pretty good shape with life left in them, not tacky. Switch-locks and Icons are free of any obvious blemishes. Arms do not feel...
  5. U

    Deal  Fast Jacket XL / Jade Iridium

    Black Plaid w/ Jade Iridium. Frames show some light wear from use; sku is a bit worn down, oakley center letters shows light wear, and gloss black locks have some hairlines. Slate rubbers are pretty fresh, believe I wore a couple times since install. Jade Iridium are excellent condition. Looking...
  6. U

    For Sale  Fast Jacket XL Black Iridium

    Non-polarized. New in Box. $75 USD shipped. I have 3 sets available.
  7. B

    Fast Jacket XL Lenses

    Does anyone know where I can find a pair of polarized G30 xl lenses for Fast Jackets? If not, any suggestions?
  8. 100Plus

    My Love for sports Frame

    After much debate and asking around for some opinions from my loved she says this is the most beauty of them all. And finally i gave my favorite buddy a new life. A new change of clothes and and a new set of lens. Just brought my Fast Jacket out for a walk. I was stunned by the beauty of the...