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    For Sale Oakley Feedback Rose Gold BNIB

    Hey friends. Brand new in box for your lady’s birthday, anniversary, or special occasion: Oakley Feedback Rose Gold frame VR50 Brown Gradient I have it from a certain expert here (@Blondie) that of all the aviator...
  2. U

    Buying Aviators - Intro from Texas

    Hi y’all I’m an avid Oakley fan from Texas. I love me some aviators. I’m on this forum because I am looking for a nice pair of aviators. My last pair was a pair of polarized (the blueish purple) with gold frame feedbacks. I have been looking for a pair of pinkish lenses black frame feedbacks...
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    Sold Deal thread for feedback

    Thank you **Tinman**
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    Deal Deal between @War-metal and @SolarOracle

    This is for feedback purposes only. Between @SolarOracle and @War-metal
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    Traded Satin rose gold/brown polarized Conquest (women's)

    I have these Satin rose gold frame with brown polarized lenses Conquest women's sunglasses that I got in a big trade deal. It's new with the sticker still on the lens but both lenses have micro scratches that are very hard to photographed. My wife didn't like the shape, so I wanted to trade it...
  6. Blondie

    Blondie's Collection

    Ok, I'm finally ready to unveil my "elaborate" collection!! I know, I know.... everyone's been waiting on the edge of their seats Please feel free to make suggestions on new styles, or share any O wisdom you think I should be privy to. Caveats - + Red Sanctuarys - Jade Feedbacks - 24K Darts -...