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    For Sale  Ferrari carbon blade

    Cleaning out drawers sale If you're in the San diego area looking for some older cooler styles I have a pair of Ferrari Carbon blades with the original cloth and case for sale As with any of the older cases, it is starting to come apart at the top. Adhesive probably getting old Tried on, then...
  2. U

    For Sale  New Ferrari Madman & Badman For Sale

    Selling mint never worn Ferrari edition Madman and Badman. I’m located in Oklahoma but will ship. Please feel free to message here or text me 580 273 1505 for additional info and pictures. Thank you, Griffin
  3. U

    Sold  Ferrari Jupiter Carbon

    Sold Ferrari Jupiter Carbon Sunglasses
  4. U

    Found  Red Rubbers for the Tincan OO4082-09 Ferrari Edition

    I'm looking for the red rubbers for the Ferrari Tincan OO4082-09. I need a new set. If you have some replacement rubbers, please let me know.
  5. J

    Replacement Arm - Oakley Sliver Ferrari Matte Black

    Good evening all! Scoured the web for about an hour and stumbled upon this great place. I'm the owner of a pair of Oakley Sliver Ferrari edition matte black specs, and unfortunately, the left arm (temple) was accidentally broken. I figured it would be a quick back and forth between Oakley and...
  6. MexicanDLyte

    Garage Sale Find! Tincan Ferrari Scuderia

    Was walking through and spotted a lens in a pile of clothes @ a divorce sale! Noticed the Ferrari etched insignia right away! A little bent arm but since has been repaired. Not bad for $20 bucks!!! :smoke:
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    For Sale  Moving (Downsizing) Sale

    Hello all, Me and the family are moving and I am having to downsize some of my collection to earn some money for the moving costs and such. All these pairs I would rate 9/10 or better (Minus the Dispatch 2. Small scratches on the lenses) and come with box and Paperwork. All are OBO. Photos...
  8. U

    Sold  Madman Badman combo

    Ferrari Madman and Ferrari Badman combo. Both frames have never been worn, I had to break the seal on the box to take the pictures. The madman box is a little beat up. Both frames are perfect since there’s been no wear. $300 for both or $170 a pair. Selling for a friend.
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    For Sale  Madman Ferrari case

    Selling a Ferrari madman case 25 shipped anywhere in US Have 2 if desired
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    For Sale  TwoFace Multiple Pairs

    Selling three pairs of TwoFace glasses never worn only displayed. All prices include PayPal G&S, CONUS shipping, and shipping insurance for price of sale. Ferrari TwoFace w/ Black Iridium lenses $125 TwoFace Matte Black Tortoise w/ Ruby Iridium lenses ***Sold*** SI TwoFace Matte...
  11. U

    Sold  Ferrari Badman

    Did some unpacking found a pair of Ferrari Badmans. Never worn, had to break the seal to take pictures of it. Asking $160. Thanks! EDIT- I have one other pair some info as above.
  12. U

    Sold  Bundle of Oakley Pop Cards

    Selling a bundle of pop cards. All pop cards pictured are included as part of the bundle. Will not spit the bundle. Someone can buy the bundle and do that if they like. Please see the pictures below for the cards included in the bundle. There should be 66 of them. Asking $73 for all of them...
  13. U

    For Sale  Ferrari Madman

    Just selling a pair of my Ferrari Madman’s. Never worn, they really aren’t my style even though I wish they were. Asking $160 plus shipping. Thanks!
  14. U

    Sold  LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon Complete

    selling a LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon w/ Ruby Iridium lenses. Only taken out of the box for pictures. Asking $125 PayPal G&S includes CONUS USPS Priority Shipping. No trades or International shipping.
  15. U

    Sold  FERRARI Carbon Prime

    Hey O fans, Selling my pair of Ferrari Carbon Primes. These are a rare pair of samples, as is clearly labelled on inside of left stem. They come with Ferrari micro fiber bag only - no other packaging. Never worn, no scratches, dings, or dents. Hinges are tight. The only flaw, if any, is...
  16. The_Darkone

    Ray-Ban Numbered Ferrari Glasses

    Anyone notice Lux actually numbered the RayBan Limited edition Ferrari??? Each one is uniquely engraved and numbered. Unlike the Oakley MotoGP that claims to be limited to 100 units but NO numbering o_O
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    Sold  Chainlink Sale All LNIB

    Putting all these Chainlink glasses in one thread All are LNIB. Never worn, either just displayed or sat in the box. All prices include PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping. No trades and no International shipping. The price is above each picture. I can only post so many pictures to the thread so if...
  18. Pospaintballer

    Ferrari single wide

    Finally finished my first project. Ferrari themed display case. Still have to put the door back on but not sure if I want to. Shout out to @SiRacer420 for the sick Ferrari decal and shout out to @zwc0442 for the custom tb1. Now to get the rest of the pieces to fill it.
  19. U

    For Sale  Oakley SF16-C, Ferrari Carbon Prototype from Foothill Ranch

    I decided to sell one of my collection grails to finance some other projects... Here we have 1 of 11 known in existance Ferrari SF16-C Carbon Fiber w/ Prizm Daily Polarized! You have the EXTREMELY RARE OPPORTUNITY to own one of the rarest, unreleased Oakley pairs ever. SF16-C stands for...
  20. U

    Traded  Traded

    Hey all, selling the last bit of the pairs I'll never wear. All are new without box unless stated. +$10 for shipping and all prices are OBO. I have a few random boxes and will ship them with whichever pairs don't have a box, first come. PM me for more pictures if needed. 1) Tincan Gold/Warm...
  21. U

    Buying  Cheap Ferrari BNiB - Any unisex/women's edition..

    Hi guys, As the title says - I'm looking for a reasonably cheap BNiB Ferrari model - a gift for a girl, so it must be a unisex model. Not sure they ever made any women's Ferrari editions... Let me know what you've got :) I've got misc stuff for trade as well.. Thanks..
  22. crgonyar

    Oakley Stash

    Here's a sample of my collection... I have a few "keepers" but always selling, trading, buying! I live a couple of miles from a vault which... "helps"
  23. U

    Sold  BNIB Garage Rock Ferrari

    As it the title says, a BNIB garage rock ferrari edition. Never worn, got it as a present but I never really liked the model so I never used it. Comes with everything, box, papers, mfbag and the frame and lenses obviously. All yours for $85 shipped to the US or Canada (other countries available...
  24. U

    For Sale  x2 Ferrari card display's

    Hello OBro's I have this new ferrari card displays one of Fernando Alonso and other one of Kimi Raikkonen, never used. Description: New 10/10 Price: $67 each or $100 both OBO. Paypals g&s, shipping with tracking number included to all OBro's Thanks for look.
  25. U

    For Sale  Carbon shift, and Ferrari Two Face. Buy final two for $300 shipped

    I have a few pairs here I definitely need to get rid of. College debt is stacking up so need some money. Trying my best to make deals but don't lowball please If you need to see more pics let me know! If you buy more than one I can make deals BUY THE FINAL TWO FOR $300 SHIPPED 1.) NIB Carbon...
  26. Linegear Japan

    Ray-Ban signs a sponsorship agreement with Ferrari

    Article: 7 Jul 2016 Ferrari N.V. (NYSE/MTA: RACE) announces that Ferrari and Luxottica Group have signed a sponsorship agreement based on which the Ray-Ban brand will appear on the SF16-H Formula One cars, starting from the next Formula One race, the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Mr...
  27. U

    Sold  Jupiter Carbon Ferrari - BNIB-SOLD

    Hi, for sale is a BNIB, never worn, flawless condition pair of Jupiter Carbon Ferrari. Complete with Carbon / Black Frame with red accents, Polarized Ruby Iridium Lens, Red Ferrari O case, Ferrari MF bag and paperwork/plastic/box. I need to sell these as opposed to trade, price is SOLD shipped...
  28. U

    Sold  BADMAN SCUDERIA FERRARI COLLECTION - In Sealed Box, price drop

    For sale is a pair of the Ferrari Badman. They have a dark carbon frame with red accents and black iridium polarized lens with the etched Ferrari crest in the lower left corner of the left lens. They also come in a tube that is unique with red accents and a microfiber bag also with the Ferrari...
  29. U

    Buying  Ferrari display

    Looking to buy the Ferrari display. Please let me know if you have one you want to sell Thanks
  30. U

    Buying  Rx frames 53+ 55 preferred

    Got someone here who has a few pairs but looking for the Ferrari RX frames also. Thanks.