1. thepostman

    Help on LC for Juliet Finito

    Hi everyone, what's good? can someone help with legit check on these Juliet Finito, i been dealing with this guy from my city (Sao Paulo Brazil) he send me this pictures i heard they serial go at 1000 But this have a higher number FINITO001137: what y'all thought? thanks
  2. U

    For Sale  JULIET FINITO 488 / 1???

    FRAME 8.5/10 LENS 9.0/10 COMPLETE IN BOX hands-on england, australia and brazil shipping the world 1300USD
  3. SiRacer420

    Went through HELL getting this

    A few days ago, I was hunting as I do, when I came across a Juliet for $45. Nothing new, I see these all the time. I did what I do, asked if it was available, he said yes, I asked if he would ship, and he clammed up like they all do. I then texted a couple of my wife's friends that are in the...