fire flora

  1. Hando

    Good Score, Or Did I Pull The Trigger Too Fast?

    Oakley Fire Flora and Marine Fade Frogskins | eBay Ah, just noticed it was one of our fellow members, I gotta say, good score. Thanks eric! Been looking for some Flora's forever. Got screwed on some counterfeits. These look amazing.
  2. Frogskins

    Miami ...

  3. chrisbron

    New Additions- Only 1 More To Go!

    So I got these two in the mail today! You know what the fire flora means? It means that I have almost completed my whole fade collection! ALL THE FADES apart from the berrics!
  4. Shawn Nwahs Yeo

    Shawn's pond of frogs.

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this forum. Below's my humble collection of Frogskins, nothing compared to many here. They're arranged in chrono order. New frogskins will be updated in this thread in the future. :smile: