fire iridium

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    Sold Minute Silver w/ fire iridium (BNOB - Gen2)

    Hello OF for sale one more minute gen 2 in silver frame with red lenses, came with bag don’t have the box, don’t have scrachers or defect, only displayed. SKU: 13-875 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $SOLD allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping with tracking...
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    Sold Scalpel bunker blue w/ fire Iridium (BNOB - Max fear)

    Hello OF for sale this awesome bnob scalpel bunker blue with fire Iridium lenses is new and don’t have defect I put 9,9 because is open and out box but all is perfect 10/10, came with the original mf-bag, don’t have the box, very dificult to get New in this days.. never used or displayed...
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    Sold Jawbone +Red P/Fire/HI Yellow/Blue

    Custom Matte Black Jawbones w/ polished white icons. Purple jaws were added recently in superb shape, the frames show some light marks while the tips of the arms show the most visible signs of wear, the socks were very recently replaced with a genuine pair - the icons and bolts have small...
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    Juliet values?

    Hi, I have two pairs of brand new Juliet’s one polished and one pair Carbon. 5 different pairs of lens. How do I figure out the value? They both have 55-21 sku but no serial numbers. Thanks for any advice.
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    Does anyone have the Flak 2.0 XL, Fire Iridium?

    Just bought this and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the lens specifically. I read that there’s mixed opinion on it. 1) Is there actually a noticeable reflection inside the lense to where you can see your own eyes? 2) What color is it while looking through them? If you...
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    Sold Juliet Plasma Fire

    For sale is a Juliet Plasma w/ Fire Lenses in mint condition This is a last gen / No SKU Lenses 9.5/10 OEM Frame is in immaculate condition 9.5/10 Rubbers 9/10 Glasses are all original nothing was replaced! Very slight movement on the nose but this is how I got them from Oakley Asking $OLD...
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    Sold R1 Fire Iridium lenses

    Selling these R1 Fire iridium lenses for Romeo 1 Perfect cut with same base curve from Big Taco Lenses have never been mounted / Accurate fitment guaranteed New condition 10/10 Base Lens Color : Bronze Asking $OLD Shipped CONUS
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    Sold Romeo 1 Plasma Fire

    Hi Everyone, For sale: Oakley Romeo 1 Plasma Fire Iridium - $760 Frame: 9.5/10 - Really couldn’t find any issues with it Lenses: 8.5/10 - Small stress cracks Gaskets: 10/10 - OEM top and bottom orbital gaskets Rubbers: 10/10 - OEM ear socks. Pictured with Linegear large nosebombs but will...
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    Sold XM Half-X $150

    for a quick sale i have a X metal finish half x with OEM fire lenses. Frame and lenses have minor marks (see pictures). Hines are still snappy, rubbers are used but have plenty of life in them. One disclaimer is the left arm does not fully open on its own and stops right before its natural...
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    Sold Squared wire 2.0 silver w/ fire iridium

    Hello OF .... a squared wire need new home, is used, in good condition the right lenses have a superficial line but is very superficial no affect the vision and can get in the pics, the other is perfect, rubbers and nose pads like new, frame don’t have scrachers, came with bag only...
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    Sold Mag switch pearl w/ fire iridium

    Hi all for sale mag switch pearl with fire iridium, lenses don’t have dcrachers, inside the end of the arm have little off the paint is only inside, the normal on this frame, the rubbers still in good condition you can enjoy for long time, came with mf-bag only. SKU: 03-820...
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    Sold Minute (2Gen) FMJ Gunmetal w/ fire Iridium

    Hello all, now for sale a gun metal frame with fire Iridium, like new, don’t have used, scrachers or defects, came with bag, only displayed. Condition LNOB Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $110 #SOLD allin Payment in PayPal g&s, shipping with tracking and total...
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    Sold Mag M Frame New Hibrid Plasma w/ fire iridium + eye shades bag + o-black case

    Hello all, for sale a mag m-frame :) one of the best mframe of Oakley, is a especial piece of the magnesium collection, everything is in perfect condition without bumps or scratches, you can see the orbital screws are perfect never put out the lenses, the lenses have some cleaning marks but very...
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    Buying oakley radar xl fire iridium lens

    Looking to buy radar xl fire iridium lens.. If anyone has them and want to sell, please contact me.
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    Sold Gascan

    Hello O Forum Friends, For Sale is three pair of Gascans. All come with MF bag and a box. Original box for all, with a different lens on the Satin Black Box. No trades please. Price as marked, includes delivery to US. Thanks for looking! 1 - Custom Smoke Brown / Titanium Iridium...
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    Sold Magnesium switch pearl w/ fire iridium SKU: 03-820

    Hello all, for sale other awesome Mag, the glasses are used , but in very good condition, the frame has signs of wear, lenses and rubbers very good, one size of the nose bridge have little movement, is very little and still very good for use, came with mf-bag only. Condition: USED...
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    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire Iridium "First Gen" #SOLD

    Hello all for sale other of my juliet 1st gen in mint condition, plasma frame with fire Iridium, all is oem, and only came with bag, don't have oxidation or scratchers the frame and lenses. All is 9,9/10 Serial P028986 Price $330 allin. #SOLD Payment in PayPal g&s, feeds and...
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    Sold Juliet ruby oem lenses $90

    Juliets ruby oem lenses- not custom cuts. never mounted- beautiful lenses SPF Preferr CONUS unless buyer wants to pay extra bill for international shipping. No trades
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    Sold Rag & Bone

    For sale is one pair of Frogskin Rag & Bone (White Camo, 1 of 150). Obtained in the past from an O member, I have not worn them at all. There are no flaws or defects, and this is a complete and original set. Price is sold delivered US. Frame: Rag & Bone Lens: Fire Iridium (increased...
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    For Sale Splice polished black / fmj 5.56 w/ fire iridium

    Hello Obros's for sale other of my splice this time the polished / fmj 5.56 with fire Iridium lenses, i wear only one time, and the other time is save in my tower, the lenses have very low cleaning marks but very low don't have any scratcher, the frame is perfect out of scratchers also, paint...
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    Sold Fire polarized XX lenses $100 shipped with an extra set of lenses

    I have a set of fire polarized straightlink lenses that were cut for XX so they are proper curvature. These are just like new only worn maybe three times. No marks that I can find, I'm selling since I recently picked up a set of ruby prizm lenses. I will throw in a set of BIP or ice lenses in...
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    Sold **** Price Drop****LNIB Radarlock Fingerprint Collection

    Selling 2 of the Fingerprint Collection Radarlocks. Both are LNIB in the box. Actually they have never been out of the box but to take these pictures. Both come complete with paperwork, extra nose bomb, box, case, the main lense in the frame and the spare Black Iridium lense as pictured in the...
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    Sold juliet plasma w/ fire 1st gen #SOLD

    Description: USED Serial: P005478 Frame 8/10 Lenses 7/10 Nose bridge 9,7/10 Rubbers 6/10 Juliet plasma with fire 1st gen with coin, inside one of the orbital have discoloration, the lenses don't have big scratchers but have signs of used and inside is little peeling, all is oem. Price $240...
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    Sold Juliet plasma w/ fire Iridium #SOLD

    Hello for sale this juliet in very good condition, like new, have very low use one or two times, don't have the box, frame and lenses are free of scratchers, more pics on request, nose bridge get little movement in this years but still very good, came with bag only, all is oem. Serial: no...
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    Sold Penny Polished w/ fire iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale x-metal penny polished with fire Iridium, just came from Oakley service with new lenses, rubbers and tuneup, is like ne, the frame don't have scratchers, all is oem, came with bag only. Description: Used / Very good condition Serial PB008335 Frame 9,5/10...
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    Sold Romeo Fire lenses 1st gen (OEM) #SOLD

    Hi All I decided to put for sale one of my spare oem Romeo fire lenses 1st gen, are new , only been installed in a frame and never without used , has always been exposed in the tower , the edge of the lens is a little peeling, when installed , is not noticeable when they are placed, don't have...
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    Sold juliet plasma w/ fire iridium - serialized - #SOLD

    Hello all for sale Juliet x-metal plasma with Fire Iridium lenses, is 2 generation and all is oem and mint, has only two used to take selfies, has always been exposed in the tower one day without knowing how, came a point in one of the lenses, do not bother or affect vision. The lenses don't...
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    Trading Flak 2.0 XL Fire Iridium Lenses

    I have a pair of brand new Fire Iridium XL lenses for Flak 2.0. Looking to trade for a pair of new +Red Iridium XL lenses. Would consider Jade or Ruby as well but first choice is +Red. Would also throw in some money with the lenses if anyone has Prizm Shallow or Deep lenses... Please let me...
  29. Mark Southwell

    Good Day on the Bay

    Had a great day on the Bay today, snagged a cool display piece, 3 double x-metal stands, Juliet Plasma, Hijinx Propaganda (were listed as "Men's Oakley Limited Edition White Sunglasses") and Tron Pitboss all for below what I would consider fair value
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    Sold Scalpel polished black w/ fire iridium MotoGP LTD signature series SKU: OO9095-19 #SOLD

    Condition: Mint SKU: OO9095-19 Lenses 9,5/10 Frame 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Hello all for sale awesome scalpel motogp signature, came with mf-bag only, don't have scrachers the frame or lenses, is used but in very good condition. Price: $150 $140 Allin, Paypals g&s, shipping with...