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    Oakley Splice Possible fake?

    Hello good morning, the other day I went into a vintage store and I saw these glasses that I fell in love with. I bought them and looking online I think they are a fake. Could someone help me or give me some information about it, there is very little information on this model. Thank you.
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    Sold X-Metal Lenses

    X-Metal Lenses 8.75 BC If you need more pics or have any questions send me a PM XX Deep Ruby = $OLD
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    For Sale OEM Juliet lenses

    Recently picked these up in a bundle deal. Apparently they'd just been sitting underneath a cabinet in an eye office. Fire Polarized - new in the box; only issue I see seems to be a minor imperfection dot in the left lens. $110 shipped. Dark Bronze - new in the box; don't appear to be any...
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    Sold OEM X-Squared Fire Iridium Polarized lenses

    In very good condition, I'd give them about 7.5 or 8/10 because of mounting marks (see pics). I don't see any other signs of use. Had these in their original OO6011-04 plasma frame for years, swapped out, remounted, now I'm letting them go. $65 OBO (G&S & CONUS shipping included) Pm for...
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    For Sale X Squared lenses

    CONUS shipping please. Slate: BNIB. $60. Fire Polarized: mounted once. Small scratch on right lens. $50. Both sets for $100.
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    Sold Fire polarized XX lenses $100 shipped with an extra set of lenses

    I have a set of fire polarized straightlink lenses that were cut for XX so they are proper curvature. These are just like new only worn maybe three times. No marks that I can find, I'm selling since I recently picked up a set of ruby prizm lenses. I will throw in a set of BIP or ice lenses in...
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    For Sale Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ Fire Polarized, BIP Reg Lenses

    Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ fire polarized lenses for sale. These have been mounted once and worn briefly. I don't see any flaws on them other than the faintest of mounting marks. Please note that the polarized etching is on the inside. Includes lens foam only. Asking $85 $75 USD shipped to US, $80 $70...
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    Sold Juliet Xmetal w/ ice iridium 1st gen + Xtras

    Hello to all :) For sale Juliet Xmetal complete with ice iridium lenses no matching serial box. Condition: USED Serial: J116057 Frame 7/10 Oem Ice lenses 7/10 Rubbers 7/10 Nose bridge 6,5/10 with 25's t-shocks still good and firm Box 9/10 perfect sponge inside too Xtra's: 2...
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    For Sale 70.00 SHIPPED -Price Drop- Fire Polarized - OEM Lens - X Squared

    OEM lens from a 6011-04 frame. Prefer the original BIP lens that came with x squared. Pictures and no scratches or blemishes.