1. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Metal Lenses

    X-Metal Lenses 8.75 BC If you need more pics or have any questions send me a PM XX Deep Ruby = $OLD
  2. Millertime2598

    For Sale OEM Juliet lenses

    Recently picked these up in a bundle deal. Apparently they'd just been sitting underneath a cabinet in an eye office. Fire Polarized - new in the box; only issue I see seems to be a minor imperfection dot in the left lens. $110 shipped. Dark Bronze - new in the box; don't appear to be any...
  3. Xformr

    Sold OEM X-Squared Fire Iridium Polarized lenses

    In very good condition, I'd give them about 7.5 or 8/10 because of mounting marks (see pics). I don't see any other signs of use. Had these in their original OO6011-04 plasma frame for years, swapped out, remounted, now I'm letting them go. $65 OBO (G&S & CONUS shipping included) Pm for...
  4. xmetal40

    For Sale X Squared lenses

    CONUS shipping please. Slate: BNIB. $60. Fire Polarized: mounted once. Small scratch on right lens. $50. Both sets for $100.
  5. Jaytypes

    Sold Fire polarized XX lenses $100 shipped with an extra set of lenses

    I have a set of fire polarized straightlink lenses that were cut for XX so they are proper curvature. These are just like new only worn maybe three times. No marks that I can find, I'm selling since I recently picked up a set of ruby prizm lenses. I will throw in a set of BIP or ice lenses in...
  6. Meh

    For Sale Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ Fire Polarized, BIP Reg Lenses

    Half Jacket 1.0 XLJ fire polarized lenses for sale. These have been mounted once and worn briefly. I don't see any flaws on them other than the faintest of mounting marks. Please note that the polarized etching is on the inside. Includes lens foam only. Asking $85 $75 USD shipped to US, $80 $70...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Juliet Xmetal w/ ice iridium 1st gen + Xtras

    Hello to all :) For sale Juliet Xmetal complete with ice iridium lenses no matching serial box. Condition: USED Serial: J116057 Frame 7/10 Oem Ice lenses 7/10 Rubbers 7/10 Nose bridge 6,5/10 with 25's t-shocks still good and firm Box 9/10 perfect sponge inside too Xtra's: 2...
  8. bean323

    For Sale 70.00 SHIPPED -Price Drop- Fire Polarized - OEM Lens - X Squared

    OEM lens from a 6011-04 frame. Prefer the original BIP lens that came with x squared. Pictures and no scratches or blemishes.