first gen

  1. jwrski

    Hello there… I’m new to this great place and hope someone can help me to identify my Oakley sunglasses!)

    I believe it’s Oakley Straight Jacket 1st Gen glasses. But it would be wonderful to get some more info about this beautiful pair. Probably someone could say if they are 100% authentic and how called their colorway. Looks like Rootbeer but I guess it can be another one..
  2. U

    For Sale  First Generation Juliets LOW SERIALS

  3. U

    Sold  Juliet X-Metal J-Serial $198

    Selling A First Generation Juliet in X-Metal Finish J-Serial in good condition. Put a lense and you have a decent Pair. Not really needing tune up yet. Frame and Rubbers(t-shock #25) only FRAME : 8/10 Mostly factory fault otherwise good no noticeable scratches or nicks NOSE BRIDGE: 7.5/10...
  4. P

    Real or Fake First Generation Frogskins?

    I recently picked up these Oakley Frogskins from a second hand store. I've heard about the first generation Frogskins that were made in Japan and I'm hoping they're authentic. What do you think?
  5. jdd32

    1st Gen Plasma / Titanium restoration

    The first gen plasma/titanium coatings are unique but unfortunately are prone to tarnish/yellowing, black stain corrosion, and eventually getting rubbed off into a polished/sheen patches. My previous approach of restoring these frames had addressed the yellowing and about 90% removal of black...
  6. U

    Buying  E-Wire 1.0 earsocks and nosepieces

    I'm searching for a kit of ear socks and nosepieces for my old first generation E-Wire 1.0 in best case the socks should be black. I'd really like to restore and wear again one of my old favorites! The e-wire was my second pair of oakley's and I've always worn it with pride, hardly taking it...