fives 1.0

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    Sold Eyejacket 1.0, Five 1.0,

    Multiple pairs for sale. I ended up purchasing a couple pairs online and just trying to recoup funds spent on the two. - I do have additional photos, just ask. 4.) Fives 1.0 - White Tiger w/Black Iridium - minor fading on the inside of the frame. $55 SHIPPED *****************PLEASE...
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    Sold Lot 14 frames. Fives, fives squared, fives 2.0, Fives 3.0

    Lot 14 frames. Fives, fives squared, fives 2.0, Fives 3.0 14 frames in good condition. some have small scratches. lot price $ 238 sent to usa. Pay by Paypal
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    For Sale Bn Five 1.0 Tortoise w/ Gold iridium & Five 2.0 rootbeer w/ Gold iridium $130 both

    Hi all, I need to make more space in the room for new purchases, so put this for sale: Up - Five 1.0 #SOLD Bn never used perfect all, only came with bag. Frame: Tortoise Lens: Gold Iridium Family: Frogskins SKU: 03-136 Date: April 1997-2001 Down - Five 2.0 - $60 Allin Bn never used, only with...
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    Algae Fives 1.0

    I still have the first ever pair of these I bought in 1998 but they're trashed. I am looking for someone who might have a pair to sell to me. Or maybe a person who can fix mine. The frame is cracked and the lenses are scratched.